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a Literal Aliyah Laregel

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Weither Dubois, a 24 year old student from a village near Brussels, Belgium decided to take a trip to Israel. He decided not to take the easy way out, like most of us, and book a flight on an airplane and get here within a few hours... Rather, Dubois decided to walk to Israel.
Yes, you read that right. He decided to walk to Israel.
Walking from Belgium to Israel took him 4 months. I'd say he cheated because he decided to walk through Italy and then hopped on a boat from Cyprus to Israel, rather than walk all the way through Turkey (he was worried about the security situation there). I'd say that, but instead I'll just say he must really not like El Al.
Dubois says the first 20 days were difficult, but after that his body got used to it.
Dubois says he was following in his fathers footsteps who came to Israel many years ago (though he does not say if his father also came by foot, though that is implied). Dubois arrived in Tel Aviv and will spend 2 weeks wandering around the country as a tourist.
That is some serious commitment to aliya laregel.
source: ynet
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