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A Letter To My Two Year Old Son

By Cait @caitscozycorner
A Letter To My Two Year Old Son
Happy 2nd Birthday to the sweetest little boy there is!
I can't believe you are 2 already my little man. You truly have completed our family by coming into the world two years ago ( and Mommy was so happy because you made her extremely sick towards the end there. Thanks #preeclampsia ).
A Letter To My Two Year Old Son
This past year has been a big one with moving into our new home, becoming aquatinted with new neighbors and friends, traveling to fun and new locations across the United States and really letting our sweet personality show.
A Letter To My Two Year Old Son
You are extremely cautious about the world around you but when you build up your confidence ( or you see your sister do it ) you're anxious and excited to do it too! I truly love the bond you have with your sister, how your eyes light up when you see her across the room, a huge hug that you give her " huggie sissy! " and how you cry when we drop her off at school probably counting the hours until you get to see your best friend again.
A Letter To My Two Year Old Son
It's true, you are a huge Mama's little boy and I couldn't soak it up more if I tried. You always want me to hold you, cuddle with you on the couch, hold your hand when you fall asleep or jump over me as if I'm your own personal jungle gym. There really is no personal space when it comes to you or I so I hope it stays that way for at least a few more years!
You are such a sweetie pie, always sharing your food with others, making sure friends are ok by asking "Sissy ok? Uh oh- she crying". You are a humanitarian like your older sibling, loving animals and people as if they were your best friend for years even though you just met.
A Letter To My Two Year Old SonYou love to color with crayons, chalk and can kick a soccer ball like I've never seen! You're learning to love to run, chasing after the ball or friends. Trucks, cars and dinosaurs aka monsters are the coolest thing ever right now to you.
A Letter To My Two Year Old SonYour vocabulary is out of this world! You're putting 2-3 and even 3-4 word sentences together which blows my mind. You at least 75-100 words that you continue to surprise me with..especially when you thought screaming TRUCK in the grocery store sure sounded like a clear "COCK" to everyone near by. Opps.
A Letter To My Two Year Old SonYou are truly one of the best things to happen to Daddy, Lily and myself we can't wait to see what this next year brings us. Potty Training ( I'll be asking for a lot of help with this I'm sure ), your personality developing even more and all the exciting things to  come!
We love you Buddy!
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