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A Lean Body, 4 Steps You Need To Keep In Mind

By Wonderland57

A lean body is the figure of the perfect man. You need to be in perfect shape if you want people to look at you in awe, for people to look at you and want to be you. Well, this ‘perfect’ shape isn’t something only left for the professionals to do, it is something you too can attain by keeping in mind a few steps. A few short steps that’ll help you in the long haul.

A Healthy Diet

Well, the most obvious of all these steps is understandably a healthy and grease-less diet. You can exercise and exercise and exercise but you’ll never quite get there until and unless you have a proper control over what you consume.

First thing you do is come up with an eating plan for yourself. This eating plan that you devise needs to have fiber included in it. You need to increase intake of food that have a high fiber content because fiber is good for digestion. It helps the movement of food and therefore prevents constipation. It even helps your intestine to function faster and to indicate to you that you’re full.

So keeping in mind the benefits that come with a fiber induced diet you should always try your best to consume greens and fruits such as broccoli, lentils, artichokes, peas, and raspberries. A hale and hearty diet also include lots and lots of fruits and veggies. I know this doesn’t sound all that great but with great health comes a great and prosperous life. So, you should try your best to stay away from as much red meat as possible, just don’t look at where people want to fry up a nice juicy steak or want to have greasy meat fest.

You should be well and done if you do so. A healthy diet also constitutes for you having to cut the smaller things in your diet. These small changes with radically affect your body and health and lead you to your aim of a leaner body. So start with eating only eating Whole Grain bread and cut out dairy or any other kind. Next try to always drink water when you thirsty and to completely avoid soft drinks which have enormous sugar contents, that will not help you. Soymilk instead of whole milk will also decrease fats intake as soymilk has a lower fat content.

A Day To Day Schedule

Organizing yourself is also very important if you want to have a slim and slender body. The thing with most people is that they do come up with a schedule for themselves but they don’t have the guts to stick with them. You, however, should not be one of these people and to do that you’ll need to come up with a proper timetable and stick to it until you achieve your target. A day to day schedule will help you to keep up with proper eating and proper exercise. The deal is that after you come with a schedule you’ll no longer have to worry about when to eat and when to exercise. Everything that you’ll have to do would be laid out clean for you. No more no less of neither food nor exercise. A perfect strategy.

Casual Cardio


Casual Cardio is something that is easy and simple but very effective. What I mean by this is that you need to incorporate exercise into your life. Every second and every minute you’re doing something should eventually mean that you’re exercising. But the best way to go is to join a boxing or MMA class near you. It will add a sense of dominance in you, and you would look good in those leather boxing gloves. It will increase the chances of you getting a leaner, meaner body. You want to go somewhere, walk or cycle instead of taking the car so you’ll have a good jog and have done the job. This step is stress-free and easy to do and you won’t have to be an expert in anything if you want to do this. Casual Cardio, when embedded in your life, would make an every single moment healthy and you’ll be moving towards a handsome posture in no time.

Track Your Work

What this means is that every single thing you do from now onwards has to be recorded. Every meal you take needs to have it calories properly counted so that you know how much more food you need for the day or that you have to cut back a bit. You would also have to need to measure your weight each and every day so that you know your exercises are paying off and producing the result you want them to. Tracking your work is something that’ll get you more organized and help in maintaining that schedule that I talked about before. Sometimes what happens with people who’re trying to get fit is that they exercise and diet but they don’t see results. This is all because they don’t really know how much calories they take in, in a day neither do they have any idea how much exercise is good for the day. So to get off with exercising, know what you’re doing.

If you follow all these steps like I’ve instructed you’ll have a lean posture that you always wanted in no time. Just remember the key is to never give up and believe in yourself!

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