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A Lamp - Money-box

By Trendoffice @trendoffice
Dina is a lamp that is activated and the bulbs light up when a coin is inserted. A lamp - money-box It is going to be presented at the coming Milan Design Week 2018. But not every coin - "to stand out the concept of the value of light, it only works with large and medium size coins, which usually represent the highest denomination in most currencies. small ones do not manage to make the necessary contact to turn on the light", as described in designboom. "when we want dina to stop illuminating, we simply pull the wooden sphere and our coin is saved. not only it reminds us of the value of light, but we can also save money for future wishes". It is created by MOAK studio A lamp - money-box

Find more about Milan design Week 2018 and expect further interesting news from there in the coming weeks. A more detailed report is available on request.

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