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A Knight’s Tale (2001) Review

Posted on the 17 October 2016 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7


A young squire with a gift for jousting ends up competing and pretending to be a Knight in order to make money and survive.

I think the brilliance about this film is something that I did not appreciate when watching it initially on its release. That was before A Level English Literature and Chaucer with his Canterbury Tales, although not a found memory as it was rather difficult to decipher in all honesty. I therefore never actually realised how clever this film was to have Chaucer as an unknown writer and then it being how he came up with a story. Along with that romance is bound to come his way which will prove to be very difficult.

Although I think the best thing about the film, as an additional edge has to be the incredible soundtrack. All rock music which is just great from start to finish, fitting in very well with the setting. Giving it that new feeling, which I guess is pretty strange to say considering the time period it is set in.

William is a very likeable character which really helps rooting for him from start to finish. The comedy moments certainly come from the friendships that are created with Geoffrey, Roland and Wat really having a more modern feel to the old worldly setting. I think that is certainly a reason why the film hasn’t really aged due to the jokes still be relevant and funny and well rock music is always great!

Heath Ledger is outstanding in the leading role and I really do find this as one of his most enjoyable films to watch. It has to be seen as an even bigger breakout and launching him as a leading Hollywood star. Rightly so as well, he was a fantastic talent and you cannot help but feel both happy and sad when watching his films now.

I really would recommend you catch up with this one if you have not seen it before, as it does have a lot more to it than I have managed to describe. The clever nature of Chaucer and how one of the Canterbury Tale’s was written, funny moments, good friendships and a love story.

As well as Ledger the other performances are engaging which really does add to liking the film, as while it has plenty going for it. I am not therefore saying it is a great film, it is a good film that you can easily get lost watching. Lets face it, isn’t that a great reason to watch a film though that you can enjoy and spend a little bit of time with, not too difficult to work out and real easy watching. Probably a perfect Sunday evening film, which was the exact night that I gave this another viewing as it is currently on Netflix UK although I probably do have a DVD hiding somewhere! Heath Ledger’s memory certainly will always live on within his film work, give this one a watch you will like it!

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