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A Kitchen Renovation Survival Guide

By Anne Mehla
A Kitchen Renovation Survival Guide Even if your kitchen renovation goes off without a hitch, it is still a process that creates a significant amount of disruption and mess in your home that can be difficult to get past. These tips are great for the first time renovator and can help make the remodel of your kitchen more of a pleasant memory than a nightmare.
  • Try and isolate yourself and your family from the dirt and noise of the kitchen renovation as much as possible – seal off doorways and openings into the rest of the home, provide a portable toilet for the workers, get out of the house during the day when the workers are there.
  • Set clear timeframes with your builder indicating when workers are allowed to be onsite and when they aren’t. This way, you won’t be woken up any earlier then you have to be, and will be able to live like a normal family in the late afternoon and evening.
  • If possible, set up a temporary kitchen to use until the renovation is over (meaning you don’t have to enter the worksite). Relocate your refrigerator, microwave and appliances to another room.
  • Be nice and professional with everyone involved in the kitchen renovation, as this makes these people more likely to reflect this attitude back on you.
  • Arrange with your builder to have one of the workers sweep up after each day of the kitchen renovation and to regularly dispose of the rubbish that will accumulate. This will help to keep your home and property clean, even during construction.
By following the above guidelines as closely as you can, you can help to ensure that you and your family survive your kitchen renovation with no casualties. It can also make the process run much smoother and be completed much quicker than it may otherwise have been, which really is a bonus isn’t it?

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