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A Joker in the Pack…

By Thebhoymcclay @thebhoymcclay7

But no ace… far.

A bit of clarity needed on the mass ejaculation that has taken place over Kris Commons’ training ground gag this afternoon. I suppose we should be happy that on the face of it, he is actually participating in training today – I mean how many injuries or mystery illnesses has the poor lad had the past few months!

Internet rumours as usual, are majorly wide of the target, and yesterday’s fable regarding the boss “sticking the nut” on his rebellious midfield star has been dismissed by the club as ridiculous – I bet most of you did give it a second thought though. Now Commons has been hailed as some sort of comedy genius, messiah and probable Player of the Year able to turn our season on its head with his posthumous Halloween stunt – sorry folks but most of that is not going to happen.

On the rare occasions when Commons has played  this season, he has been off the pace, looked disinterested and made rash footballing decisions – now the same people who vilified him against Hearts are trying to get him “trending” – and I can see the same reversal of attitude if he does not step up to the plate on Thursday or Sunday (if picked)!

I would much rather see him get the head down, train hard and be able to showcase his talents for Celtic on the pitch as he did following his move in January.  My own predictions for this season have taken a major blow following our disastrous start to the campaign as I was fairly confident a full season with Kris Commons could have been the fine line which we failed to cross first in May.

Hopefully this extra attention in the spotlight does not manifest itself in a negative way in this weeks crucial games.

Can the Joker have the last laugh?


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