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A Jewish Approach to Being Elected to Knesset

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Rabbi Shai Peron did something very interesting yesterday. That is, something interesting besides for being sworn in to the Knesset.
According to INN, Peron followed a Hassidic dictum that states that when a person rises to greatness he should  put pebbles in his shoe. they will give him pain, while he is holding his position of greatness, and serve as a reminder that he is there to serve people who are in pain. The pebble will serve as a reminder to not allow the greatness to get to his head.
Rabbi Peron said that before going to the Knesset inauguration he placed a pebble in his shoe. As he said, "it is small, but it hurts". I think this is a sense of humility and awareness that is to be admired.
Let it serve as the reminder it was intended to be, so that he and his peers will remember that they are messengers of the people, they are there to better the communal and private life of Israel's citizens and of the Jews around the world. They are the caretakers of the Land for all of us, and they are not there for their personal benefit.

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