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A House Awaiting Death by Eastern Design Office

By Thelayer @thelayer_
A house awaiting death by Eastern Design Office 6

check | A house awaiting death by Eastern Design Office

“A house awaiting death,” the client said to us.

 “I will die in 15 years.  It will be a house awaiting that death.  The building is fine as long as it lasts 15 years.  Something small would be good.”

“I have found the place.” A patch of land on a peninsula facing East.  “I’m glad the land faces East.  I hate the sunset.”

“When I die it won’t be sunset, it will be sunrise.  When the final moment comes, I will face the sea and depart on a ship flashing towards death.  It’ll be a time revealed after death.”

This is what the client ordered for his house. A view of the magnificent sea in the east where the sun rises.  This is the land he chose to live out his final years.

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