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A Home Full of Vintage Treasures

By Decorology @decorology_blog
Have you ever visited a friend’s home and everything in it catches your attention? You end up perusing bookshelves or admiring a collection of ceramics more than chatting with guests.  I actually love this when it happens because it means I am inspired – and by a REAL LIVED-IN home!  A home decorated over time with objects of meaning or history is almost always a joy to be in, because you get such a strong sense of the owner.  This home below displays how you can bring any home to life when your dĂŠcor is selected over time and out of a true emotional connection.
A home full of vintage treasures The antique mirror is an instant focal point.
A home full of vintage treasures
A home full of vintage treasures Flea market finds can keep a home office from looking drab and stuffy.
A home full of vintage treasures
Of course, make sure you protect your possessions with Home contents insurance. Also remember to stop and think of how a vintage furnishing you love could be repurposed for some other function… turn an empty frame into a serving tray, etc.
All images via Heart Home Mag.

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