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A Harvest of Stars

By Richardl @richardlittleda

The growth of an idea

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life as a minister. This morning I shall sit down at a new desk in a new church, responsible for the care of a new group of God’s people…and with only a slender idea of what happens next! One of the pictures which has traveled with me is a gorgeous original illustration by Croatian artist Dubravka Koalanovic. When I asked her for it, I told her that it would hang on my wall as a reminder that a little idea can grow and grow if it is God’s little idea.

Some readers of this blog will be familiar with that little idea. In November of 2011, I wrote a children’s story The Littlest Star. With the help of some generous and creative people the book was locally published and placed on sale 29 days after writing. Sales went far and wide, and the book made over £1000 for children’s hospice, Shooting Star Chase.

Littlest Star is now set to fly all over again. Illustrated by Dubravka and published by Lion Children’s, it will be on sale throughout the United Kingdom in time for Christmas this year.

When I came back from holiday two days ago, a letter from Lion was waiting in amongst the post. Knowing what it was, I could not quite bear to open it until all the other jobs were done and all the boring letters opened:

Could this really be it, the moment when my little story came to life?


Sure enough, there in the envelope, together with a scattering of silver stars, was The Littlest Star -more beautiful and spectacular than I had dared to imagine:

CLICK for full size

CLICK for full size

Today, as I hold it in my hand, I am more reassured than ever that a little idea can go a long way if God is behind it.

On such a morning as this, I am counting on it – and hoping that God has many good ideas up His sleeve for Newbury Baptist Church! After all, as the angel says to the Littlest Star


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