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A Guide to Satisfying All Your Lovers This Valentines Day

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

If you’re someone like me you are surrounded by multiple lovers on this Valentines Day. It makes the day so difficult,  as you’re pulled in every direction trying to satisfy all of them in just 24 hours.  Who has the time? Who has the energy? How do you even try to choose your favorite lover without spurning the others? My lovers all have such different passions and desires, there’s no way that there is one gift that will properly express how deep my love is for them. Nor is there one gift that will remind them of my deep love for them for the rest of the year. Alas, I am only left with one option, a separate gift for each of my lovers. So without further ado, here’s my Valentines Day gift guide for satisfying all of your lovers

Satisfy All Your Lovers

For the Coffee Lover

Rich. Black. Strong. Bold. Energizing.  With so many great characteristics it’s no wonder that coffee has so many lovers out there.  There are those that flirt with it, only having the occasional cup. Those that toy with it by playing silly dress up games with syrups and spices. Then there are the rest of us, the tried and true coffee lovers. The ones that know what it means to drink 2, 3, even **GASP** 4 cups a day. For those lovers of coffee I present to you the best coffee maker I’ve ever used. The AeroPress!

Aeropress 2-2

Part french press, part espresso maker, part brilliance, the AeroPress makes a cup of coffee like no other. It can be used to brew something as simple as a double shot of espresso to a classic americano in about 30 seconds. I’ve been using mine for the past month and have absolutely loved it. I can’t even find the words to describe how wonderful this invention truly is. Seeking inspiration I took a look at the packaging it came in and found that there are no better words to express how I feel about the AeroPress than these.


For the Travel Lover

As far as lovers go, travel is perfect for anyone with fear of commitment. Most trips last less than a week, and sometimes you can even just enjoy  a series of one night stands as you bounce from city to city. While you can keep track of your conquests by posting photos all over Facebook and checking in on foursquare most digital mediums lack a certain intimacy that can only be found in handwritten notes scrawled in the heat of passion. So what’s the solution? The Ramble and Rove: Travel Journal. Featuring a textured fabric cover,  this luxurious travel companion encourages you to jot down your most intimate travel thoughts and dreams while also encouraging creativity with spaces for sketching or adhering travel mementos. If you as me it’s the perfect little black book for every traveler. You can find the Ramble and Rove Travel Journal Here on Amazon .

Ramble and Rove Travel Journal

For the Pet Lover

Honest, warm, loyal, comforting. Pets exemplify all the best parts of love. They can be your reason to smile first thing in the morning, a shoulder to cry on, a snuggle buddy on a cold night, or keeper of your deepest darkest secrets. No matter what happens, your pet never judges you and always loves you unconditionally. Your pet’s loyalty and constant love means they deserve some spoiling this Valentines Day. Thankfully it’s really easy to spoil your doggy by taking them outdoors for some fun play time. With this Wildebeast Pet Kit, you have everything you need for a great day at the park. With a new leash, collar, folding water dish, balls, and more all color coordinated for you and your loving pooch can hit the park in style!  You can find the Wildebeast Pet Starter kit at Red Envelope with Free Shipping on orders $49 or more.


For the Car Lover

With sexy curves, exotic  growls, and the ability to get your heart racing, it’s no wonder there are so many car lovers out there.  As far as lovers go though, cars are by far the most high maintenance. They require constant attention and always need time at the spa for bubble covered baths and hot waxes. Thankfully there’s the Mothers Hardcore Enthusiast Car Care Kit. Featuring everything needed to keep your high maintenance gal (or guy) primped and polished this kit is a great gift for anyone deeply involved with their car. Find the Mothers Hardcore Enthusiast Car Care Kit on Amazon here.

Mothers Care Kit

For the Beer Lover

Great Head. It’s a sign that you are about to take a sip of a fantastically refreshing beer. Of course if you ask any beer lover they will tell you that the key to enjoying a fine craft brew is all in the glass. Just like with wine, different shaped glasses will bring out all the flavors and aromas of a finely crafted beer. Whether or not you enjoy a thick heady porter or an IPA with a bite one of these 8 beer glasses will be sure to do the job. You can find this 8 Piece beer tasting set at Red Envelope with Free Shipping on orders $49 or more


For the Music Lover

Whether you’re seeking wild and passion, slow and tender, or heart pumping and spontaneous; music can satisfy all of your deepest desires. Loving music can bring years of countless joy to your life and can elicit powerful and profound emotional responses. It’s because of this that many music lovers get pushed over the edge and cross the line from “casual encounters” to creepy “deep-catalog” stalker. If there’s one thing every music lover appreciates it’s listening to their music in as high quality sound as possible without the annoying distractions of the outside world. It’s why the  Beats by Dre Studios are the perfect gift. With superior studio quality sound, extremely comfortable ear cups,  and noise cancellation you can listen to music for hours on end without any interruption.  Find Beats By Dre at Best Buy with Free Shipping


I hope this guide helps you satisfy all the lovers in your life this Valentines Day. If you still haven’t found something for your lover on this list, take a look at these other gift guides we’ve put together.

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