A Guide to Parquet Flooring: What is Parquet Flooring?

Posted on the 28 May 2019 by Steve Hanson @flooring365

Parquet flooring consists of thin pieces of wood and the overall appearance is very sophisticated and creative.

Parquet flooring’s most common species used in manufacture are: oak, walnut, maple, cherry and sometimes mahogany or other exotic hardwoods. Apart from the wood species used in making your parquet flooring, you should also decide whether you want engineered or solid parquet flooring. Solid consists of solid pieces of timber whereas engineered have layers of wood with the hardwood veneer at the top; however, whichever choice you make there is no difference in the final look of the fitted parquet flooring.

It’ll still looking spectacular either way!

The History of Parquet Flooring

Back in the late 1600’s when earth and concrete flooring was common in the homes of the commoners and marble slabs were the preferred flooring for the wealthy. In Versailles, France, a new type of flooring was introduced called Parquet.

The flooring was created by hand cutting small pieces of various coloured hardwoods into triangular, square and diamond-like shapes.

The professionals with the required skills were able to lay the flooring. They would hand cut the pieces of wood and glue the individual blocks to a concrete sub-floor and then scrape, sand and polish them to give the floor the popular desired look.

Without the correct regular maintenance of these floors by servants of the wealthy, the floors would start to cup and crack and have to be replaced, which meant potentially starting the expensive process again.

However, interest in the unique flooring became much more popular when it was renewed in the 1980’s and 90’s. The design of parquet flooring adds a certain kind of beauty in an artistic way to the natural warmth of modern-day wood flooring. The flooring can automatically work well in both rustic and modern homes due to the newer 3D designs and in doing so we have said goodbye to the old parquet designs of the 1600’s and in their place transformed the flooring into more durable and longer lasting floors with a beauty of their own.

Why should I choose engineered parquet flooring?

If you are considering replacing your current floor with something more eye-catching and bolder; Parquet flooring will be the perfect choice.

Parquet block flooring can transform any space from a rustic cottage to a modern apartment. Parquet blocks can be laid in a variety of patterns that certainly add personality to any room. Parquet blocks are very versatile, and it is also compatible with underfloor heating.

The flooring is certainly very stable because it is made of three layers of wood at a 90-degree angle to each other to reduce movement in the wood.

The top layer is made of carefully selected wood and is named the ‘wear layer’ and can be sanded if required.

Underneath the wear layer lays an advanced body that absorbs the impact and guarantees the high stability of the flooring.

Below the advanced body is a sheet of ecologically certified wood that gives each board the perfect balance. Since the bottom layers of wood are invisible, they can be made of cheaper types of wood. This often means that parquet is cheaper than solid wood flooring.

If we’ve managed to transform your views on Parquet Wood Flooring, why not take a look at our products and order a free sample today!

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