A Guide to LVT

Posted on the 11 June 2019 by Steve Hanson @flooring365

The great thing about LVT is that as well as looking good, it is incredibly hard wearing and low maintenance.  It really is a great all-round option, if you want the style without the fuss.

Here at Flooring 365 we stock 4 ranges of LVT’S: Barnworth, Henley, Highgate, and Hillingdon.

The 4 ranges are accompanied by 7 different colours: Black, Coffee, Golden, Grey, Natural, Smoked, and White.

There are also 3 different types of finish: Embossed, Stone Embossed, and Textured. An embossed finish means it has a shiny or polished appearance. A stone embossed finish will be the same but look like stone. A textured finish is described as a textured finish.

Why should I install LVT in my bathroom?

1)   Waterproof: The top layer of LVT is PVC, which makes your floor waterproof. This is ideal for a bathroom when you’re getting out of the shower/bath and the floor doesn’t get effected by the water, it keeps the quality of the floor good.

2)   As well as being waterproof, LVT is also slip resistant which is vital for a bathroom, the floor gets wet and can become very slippy, but with LVT flooring it is less slippy than having a wood floor in the bathroom. And it is undoubtedly better than having a carpet as it doesn’t go mouldy.

Why should I install LVT in my kitchen?

1)   Again, like bathrooms it is vital that a kitchen has a slip resistant floor. Because things can get spilt and working around hot food it can become dangerous with slip hazards.

2)   It is also very easily cleaned, meaning it is a very hygienic floor!

Although many people would opt to have engineered/solid wood floors… LVT has great heat retention and would be great for those living rooms which are cold. The layer of polyurethane (PUR) gives LVT a strong resistant layer, it helps the LVT cope with scratches and scuffs.

LVT is also easily installed with the click-lok system, but that’s not the only way you can install LVT. The other options are: Self-adhesive, glue down and loose lay.

On the website we stock many different LVT flooring products. All have different variations of color and size. There is a filter on the website to search easily for style, colour, thickness, width, range, finish, and installation service once you are in the LVT section. We have made it easier for you to search for the right luxury vinyl tile! -

All of our LVT products can be tested before with free samples. It is essentially the flooring version of try before you buy. For the free sample, you place your order and no payment details are required. We just need your address, phone number and email!

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