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A Group Living in Barcelona

By Luphil

Last weekend I flew to Barcelona for a seminar and meetings with Dr. Parvathi Kumar. Robert, a friend of mine, picked me up at the airport and I stayed one day in his home. Friday early afternoon we went to the airport for a welcome to Sri Kumar – and several Spanish friends also had assembled there. It was very nice to meet them again – and all were thrilled when Sri Kumar, his wife and travel companions came out of the “arrival” doors. There was some improvised lunch in an airport café and afterwards we drove to the place of the seminar, at the Hotel Campus of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona outside the city, surrounded by forests.

There was a big “hello” at the reception – so many known and unknown faces – and my memory struggled hard to bring faces and names together.

The topic of the seminar was “The Externalisation of Hierarchy”. Although themes of it had appeared in previous teachings, it was the first time that Sri Kumar spoke about this topic – and for me it was very fascinating. He said:

“The book relating to the Externalisation of Hierarchy was dictated to Alice Bailey in 1934, after the First World War and before the Second World War. … This information is only meant to be taken into practice. From 1934 to 2015, it is 81 years, 81 is a sacred number. It is 9 times 9. We spoke on so many themes of wisdom but never this was dealt with. The “Externalisation of Hierarchy” is given for the first time in the 81st year of the book. The importance of the year is, three times three times three. … The theme came to be 81 years after the book has come. It is significant to this group who have come in large number to listen to this externalisation.”

At first I thought the themes are familiar to me but I soon discovered that new, fascinating facets were given:

“There is a hope of externalisation of Hierarchy, all the new groups around the world would like the Hierarchy to externalise but all the groups, they are the obstruction. We say to the Hierarchy please come, but we stand at the door and obstruct the door. The aspirants work counter-productive to what is planned…. The whole theme relating to externalisation of Hierarchy is the theme related to activation of the throat center of humanity. Each one has to do it by himself or herself to ensure that all we express through our throat is one of love, of good will and of service. These are the principles of the soul, but the throat center forgets to speak light all the time. We interpret, manipulate and say things we don’t need and say other things and behave badly…. Every time I speak with conflict we are spoiling the throat and the throat in turn destroys the personality. Therefore it is an age-old teaching: Speak the truth, do not speak truth that hurts others. If you speak the truth that hurts, better speak in a way that does not hurt. … Personality can be transformed through right speech. Through wrong speech the entire personality can be polluted. …

The attitude is very important to be on the path of ascent and to be eventually an outpost for Hierarchy to express: I do what I have to do; I care not what others have to do. When I care to do what I have to do and I care not what others do, you are tending to be the king of your life. That is how all the Masters have been the king of kings because they need nothing from the surroundings. They care for the vertical activity. That should be the attitude of an aspirant aspiring to be a disciple. If he continues to expect is like a crying child. Crying children, we have so many crying children, meaning the humanity, always crying for another chocolate. How can Hierarchy externalise? It is the humans to express. For the higher beings humanity is the personality. We want to join them as the personality of the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy expresses through them. …

Let the energy into you be being a unit of service and when you make the vertical invocation and alignment, the knowledge and will to descend. Then if each one of us can get to this state, we enable the externalisation of Hierarchy. If we are with our personal life all the time nothing will happen. We set our personality before us and that is our problem. The soul would like to be utilised by the higher soul. Kindly think of it when you are more and more related to the higher.

You stand as a personality for the Hierarchy to express into the world the divine Plan. For all that we start with daily alignment in the hours of meditation and daily doing anything and everything as an act of offering….

We have the responsibility to make the earth very beautiful. We are the means for Hierarchy to beautify the planet, the plants, animals and humans. We have destroyed; we haven’t done well with the animals. We haven’t behaved well with the matter, water, fire, air on earth; we have to set it to order. If we vacate the hotel room we should restore it to order. We should not only restore order but beautify it.”

After the seminar a part of the group came for a visit to the house of Rosa and Miquel, where Sri Kumar always comes at the end of a seminar in Spain and where 2 years ago he had inaugurated a beautiful statue of Krishna.

Monday morning we met at the headquarters of WTT Spain in Sabadell for meditation and in the evening there was a meeting in the Casa della Espiritualidad, where Sri Kumar gave a talk on “Art and Spiritual Evolution of the Human Being”. He gave fascinating insights into the role of beauty and feminity:

“To be artistic is to be out of the box. We live in the box of our mind. We define the disciplined way of living; everything is strictly defined, according to order. Orderly way of life is a means to go beyond. Living a straight line and rectangles does not give you much joy. If the straight line has a curve it gives joy. You see the symbol there, of an arc. It is not only an arc, it is triangle. When it is a triangle it is different from an arc. A sphere is the same than a curb. A cube is not giving the beauty of rounding up. All things that are known have an impact in the way of living. Living in rectangles and lines gives you understanding but not experience. Life is beyond line. When you relate to beauty it is a joy forever. A thing of beauty is joy, you cannot explain because it is beyond mind, it enters into the realm of heart. An intellect may understand the surrounding with all the elements of understanding but the heart can go much beyond. Prose cannot communicate what poem can communicate. Life has become prose. There was much music in the past, now music is made to structured music and beats….

When you are trying to take away the beauty, take away art, you are taking away feminity from creation. A flowing hair is a sign of feminity. A cut hair is indication of masculinity. You tend to be more masculine by your attire, in everything you tend to be masculine. Likewise the masculine persons have to gain feminity by adopting to some art. You see how Jesus was growing flowing hair. He was considered a masculine person but when he grew his hair. The males cut hairs and females also take it away. In creation there has to be a balance between male and female. You should make sure to balance. If you are excessively female you add the male, if you are excessively male, you add female. At every plane the male-female has to be in balance….

Shiva and Shakti are in an eternal dance because they are very innovative in their dance; they don’t make copy in their dance. Radha and Krishna don’t dance according to convenience. Bring creativity into your life, that intent is called art. It requests deeper intent in your doing things, better perception. Just instead of saying, I have to do it, you say, I love to do it. This is the art attitude to life. You should have no monotony because every time it is fresh. It can start from brushing the teeth, relating to people. You say good morning with a smile. Tomorrow you smile, no need to say Good morning. That is how you have to bring the feminine aspect, the art aspect into life….”

He gave many more aspects – if you are interested you might ask for my notes. When next day Sri Kumar continued his tour to Valencia and other Spanish places, I sat again in the airplane heading back to Switzerland.

Here are some impressions from the visit in Barcelona.


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