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A Glossary of Medicine Cabinets Must-Haves

By Kravelv

There are some essentials that every house needs. Your medicine cabinet is something that should be filled at all times with all the necessities. In order to be sure that you have everything you could possibly need in a case of an emergency, we prepared for you this article where you can read all about the things that your medicine cabinet should consist of. Here are a couple of the most important things you should fill your cabinet with.

Medical Supplies

This category consists of everything one well prepared first aid kit should consist of. It includes supplies for rashes, allergies, burns, cuts and similar injuries. There should always be a pack of bandages and gauze pads and some medical tape to keep the gauze in place. Other than that you should also have some lotions, ointments and antihistamine creams for relieving itches, rashes and some allergy reactions. Some aloe vera creams are in order. We also recommend having a thermometer, a pair of tweezers, nail clippers and scissors too. An auto-injector is also something that you should keep in mind.  Antiseptics are crucial also as they reduce the risk of an infection. Also, some hand sanitizer, cotton balls and some eye solution. In the end, keep a first-aid manual by your side in every moment.

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Drugs And Medication

When it comes to some must-have medication it s crucial to supply your cabinet firstly with cough and cold medications. Other things include pain relievers, laxatives, antacids and some anti-diarrhea medication. Also, make sure to fill your cabinet with personal medication that you and your family use. Some people have different conditions and require special medications and there are some people who suffer from all kinds of allergies, so it should be a good idea to stock up on those types of drugs. Some nasal sprays and inhalators are a good idea to have by your side especially if you have small children and babies, as they often experience difficulties with breathing.

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Emergency Items

In order to be completely prepared for every emergency and unexpected turn of events, you should definitely keep these items by your side. This should consist of emergency phone numbers like hospitals and doctors that work all night and medical cartons of all family members. Also, sunscreen, insect repellents are handy to have. Other than that, an emergency space blanket, some waterproof matches and a waterproof flashlight with spare batteries should be a must-have.

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Rehab And Physio Supplies

No matter if you and your family members practice sports regularly or just occasionally do some fitness activities, these supplies are something that every cabinet should have. This is especially important if somebody in your house is a professional athlete or just workouts on regular basis. Physio equipment consists of different things such as ankle braces and supports, casts and even some specialized cushions and pillows. Some hot and cold pads are also something that you should have here. Perhaps it isn’t a bad idea to purchase some splinting tools and equipment and even thermoplastics.

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These are some essential things that every home should own in their medicine cabinet in order to make sure they are prepared for any kind of emergency or unwanted reaction. It is always better to be prepared and to have by your side everything you need in a case of unexpected events. Sometimes it can happen that you need something in that moment and the emergency room is too far away. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to keep yourself and your family completely prepared for any kind of situation, just in case.


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