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a GAME OF TETRIS at 670,616,629 Miles Per Hour

Posted on the 22 May 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
a GAME OF TETRIS at 670,616,629 miles per hourHere's a simple thought experiment about the speed of light and the insanely-fast interactions (collisions) that allow these photons of light to say bounce off mirrors. How can these directional changes be calculated (or agreed upon) by the two colliding parties, for example the photon and the electron shell it 'collides with'.
As you can see, the speed of light in a vaccuum is 670,616,629 miles per hour, and in car terms that's officially 'pedal to the metal'.
Obviously, light is nothing like a car, but for the purpose of this simple thought experiment imagine light was a car, and a massless car at that, let's call it a Ford Photon for laughs. You're zipping along in a random fashion in your Ford Photon, well that's how I drive, brain full of useless thoughts, what would I hit and would my airbags have time to go off?
I ask this because there's no charge in my Ford Photon car, as well as no mass.
But, in the classic sense of collisions, you DO hit something in this light vehicle, what happens to your Ford Photon? Does it alter its shape or dimensions as it bounces off without changing its speed more than a few miles per hour? I mean, imagine the g-forces - oh, there'll be no g-forces in a massless car. Phew, that was convenient. Instant change of direction?
So what IS my little toot-toot Ford Photon 'thought experiment' vehicle? How can it hold its form against such destructive changes of direction? Is it even conceivable as a 'separate entity' interacting (mathematically) with the world around it? Or would it just slip through most of the events it 'should have collided with'? Is the 'photon' packet just a virtual tool that has no basis in fact?
So, let's turn to the HC Unit version of this 'collision' ... and see if we can't put SOME MEAT on the virtual bones. In this bizarre reversed-physics version where light travels 'towards' the source of emmission, the 'photon' is the result of THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE's property resolving the local excess of an over-stressed HC Unit structure. The universe has a debt-settling function that takes place at 'c', let's call it Universal Equilibrium.
In fact, this becomes really weird from the get-go, in that a 'photon' shooting out of a light source is in fact THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE moving 'fixed packet by packet' into the excessing HC Unit's surface, to settle the debt.
Think of the brain-rehabilitation game invented by Alexey Pazhitnov, Tetris.
In Tetris, you fill a base line by rotating odd-shaped descending bricks. When you have a solid line, the whole wall of bricks above above drops down. And it's a WIDTH UNIT operation. That's because the width of the playing area is a set size. It's the same with light, Universal Equilibrium is set by the size of the HC Unit. But, as in the game Tetris, with the right combination of circumstances, you can drop more than one line of bricks at a time. So, you can have MORE THAN ONE HC Unit involved in the 'emmission of light'.
This Unit of Light, this photon, this quanta, is not only MUCH BIGGER THAN WE CURRENTLY BELIEVE, but it is divisible by the number of HC Units in the settled debt. A gamma-ray or X-rays created by the spherical surface of One HC Unit is the purest as it is formed by One HC Unit. The AM radio waves at the other end of the spectrum is only made possible by a larger (and more planar) HC Unit Number. Onward to the gravity wave, the HC Unit / enormous numbers of HCs, the most subtle variation of the Universe Falling in from all Directions to settle a galactic debt 'photon'.
This is why light is red-shifted, it is DECAYING over time to as it accumulates influences from the many HC Units it'll pass in its long life, changing the light's properties towards the gravitational. In the same way that Refractive Index tells of a more complex path, for light, so Red Shift tells of a more complex path for light but it is not a measure of an Expanding Universe. HC Unit theory does NOT support a Creationist Big Bang moment.
The HC Unit Ford Photon is actually MADE OF THE ROAD it drives upon, it is a reflection of its medium. This car can drive in and out of HC Unit garages - everything is connected, there are no collisions, only changes of local state through which the ENTIRE UNIVERSE will resolve for any given occasion. To me, it makes more sense for Photon Car and Electron Garages to be linked before the collisions take place. Obviously, I don't mean a psychic link but there's a more servicable and believable MOT of our Ford Photon if it's already (technically) already in the garage, propped up on the lift awaiting any fixes that use might incur.

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