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A Friday Tech Find For Electronic Devices

Posted on the 17 February 2012 by Lisa @Lisapatb
Are you always using your smartphone? Do you wish they would not need constant charging? I broke my charger at my office yesterday and just had to get a replacement as my Droid's yellow light appeared. I found a awesome new version for a few dollars more that will sure come in handy.
A Friday Tech Find For Electronic Devices It's a iGO Wall Charger with integrated battery. I was so excited to learn about this new type of cell phone charger. Not only does it charge your cell phone but PDA's, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras and GPS devices. Not that I have all of those gadgets but if I did it would be an all in one charger. It also can charge my Droid or my husband's iPhone and at the same time. I like that feature a lot. But best of all - the internal battery recharges and is ready to provide power when away from the outlet! Now that is awesome.  Great for charging electronic devices on the go. Perfect for days at the beach or if you are traveling via plane or train. I have not seen this iGo advertised. The salesman at the store was going to sell me the standard charger when I asked what choices I had. Strange they are not promoting it more in the stores.

Of course I would love a cell phone that never needed charging that maybe was charged by sunlight. (Though in New England it could be some time before there is sunlight)  There is nothing worse than a yellow light on my Droid and no charger is sight. This will surely come in handy on many occasions. 

Are you always charging your electronic devices? Have you purchased an iGo charger?

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