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a Fresh Start

By Jadecharlotte @jadeodonnell_
a fresh start
Let's start off with something that's kinda become the norm nowadays. Sorry for the prolonged absense and just being kind of a shoddy blogger on the whole, real life just seemed to run away from me and before I knew what had hit me, it's now September.
Since I last blogged (I still can't believe that I last posted in April!) so much has changed in my life. I guess you could say that some of it was okay and the rest being down right pants. Turns out that everyone's been right all along, 2016 is pretty much becoming a rather crappy year all round. On a more positive note however, I finished my time at Uni, which made me want to peruse a possible career in writing; made some wonderful friends and memories and have also managed to bag myself a job. Not too shabby of an outcome for a rather rotten year if you ask me.
So, bearing all that in mind, I've decided to try and get back into blogging, all be it a bit slowly at first. I'm hoping that once I fall back into the swing of things, the blog posts may start to come more frequently and my brain will become less prone to writers block which has become the utter bane of my life.
This is mainly just a short and sweet little life update for now and I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that this time, I'll be able to keep to my word and reignite my writing spark once more.
Until then, enjoy a picture of my dog that really doesn't relate at all to this actual post.
Jade xo

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