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A Favourite Garden ~ La Roche Jagu

By Chrryblossomtat2
For no other reason but to annoy me, the weather here at home is dull and gray and there's been plenty of heavy rain. What a contrast from beautiful Brittany, where the weather was at least changeable but generally warmer, brighter for longer and with bluest sky. There were so many singing birds, butterflies, rabbits and birds of prey. The countryside is so rich and even in the rain it looks wild and mysterious.
Ugh, I got them post holiday blues alright! Plus my brain seems to be made of moosh since we came home, I'm really forgetful and slow...
I didn't really take many photos this visit but one place we both adore is La Roche Jagu - Château and gardens.
A favourite Garden ~ La Roche Jagu
Please allow me to share some photos with you of my most favorite areas...the vegetable and flower plots. I hope you too gather some inspiration as we have; this is the walk as it happened.
A favourite Garden ~ La Roche JaguClockwise from Top left:
* Pruned branches make this sturdy fence and chestnuts are left all over the ground for the squirrels.
* Tiny terracotta pots dangle from fences to act as hidey holes for snails and slugs
* Stones are drilled through and used as weights to hold down and let air through apple tree branches
* Insects have homes on the tops of arches by the climbers
A favourite Garden ~ La Roche JaguClockwise from Top left:
* Beautiful roses still in bloom
* The last of the apples in the orchard
* Stunning raised beds
* The air is so clear here high above the river Trieux.
A favourite Garden ~ La Roche JaguClockwise from Top left:
*Why not make your insect hotels into sculptures to enliven your space?
* Love the colours of these marigolds with the copper marker posts
* Box hedging used to create big beds full of flowers for the bees
* Leeks looking fabulous - love the slate for plant names
A favourite Garden ~ La Roche JaguClockwise from Top left:
* Still with the strawberries!!
* Small terracotta pots as plant markers and stored so sweetly for the winter; love the willow fence
* Love this idea for raised beds, using willow and right up to sitting height
* Beautiful quotes scattered throughout the garden "Each of my perfumes is a portrait of a woman!" Jean-Paul Guerlain
A favourite Garden ~ La Roche JaguClockwise from Top left:* Green manure of mustard fills one of the unused raised beds* Visitors' bikes leaning against a beautiful tree* Pumpkins written into as babies and now scarred with the cafe's name* Would you look at that sky!!!
A favourite Garden ~ La Roche JaguAnd after that, there's nothing better than some homemade cidre, just a little one ;)
The offical website - it does translate
Love, hugs and a friendly 'hello again'

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