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A Dog Left Behind

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
This is my "you've got to be kidding me" look I gave mom when she told me she went to the New England Pet Expo WITHOUT me...
A Dog Left Behind
Yup that's right, my humans went to a PET expo and didn't take any of their pets!
Not only did they go without me, but they got to meet one of our local heroes, this is Lilly the Hero Pit Bull, you can read her amazing story here.
A Dog Left Behind
 As they played, cuddled and gave Lilly treats...
A Dog Left Behind
No one bothered to mention they have an adorable golden (not to mention three) that they left at home and no one mentioned MY blog and how much I admire Lilly and follow her everyday on Facebook.
They didn't even get her pawograph for me.
While I'm certainly not thankful that mom abandoned me left me at home, I am thankful there are heroes like Lilly in this world. 
Through her tragic accident in which she selflessly put herself in danger, resulting in losing a leg, in order to save her owner came bravery and courage like no other. She is now known as an animal advocate for pit bulls, working hard with her team to raise awareness about her breed and finding homes for those in shelters.
In honor of Lilly and all her hard work,  we are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop hosted by Pepi Smart Dog.
A Dog Left Behind

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