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A Discussion About Spiritual Values

By Luphil

Last Sunday after the morning lecture, Sri Kumar presented an Indian from Singapore, originally from Visakhapatnam, Anuraag Saxena. He came to hear about the WTT and Sri Kumar the day before only and was fascinated to see so many Westerners at the seminar. He is committed to inform Indians abroad about the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of India and make Indians aware of their treasures of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal Law. For him, Sri Kumar’s activities are along similar lines and he wanted to make a video talk with some of us Westerners to be published in YouTube. So the Master proposed some members for the talk.

A Discussion about Spiritual Values

We later assembled in the hall at the retreat centre: Anuraag explained to us that he is committed to bring back to India its pride and returning stolen art to India.

By profession he is a teacher in Singapore; he experiences with his children the difficulties of growing up in a society which is not always tolerant against differing religious attitudes. He himself had grown up in the 80s with heavy metal music from Europe and only later set out for a search for his spiritual roots.

His target public are mainly young Indians abroad of the age group 20-30 years. We were six Westerners of various age groups, from Germany, Spain and me from Switzerland. The talk should be like a conversation between friends in a bar – and it turned out to be a very lively discussion about how we came on our spiritual path, how our surroundings react upon it, challenges of bridging professional and social life in the West with spiritual aspiration.

A Discussion about Spiritual Values

Anuraag moderated the discussion and you could feel that he was experienced in doing so. He kept the discussion close to “burning points” like going to parties and trying to follow a spiritual discipline, family issues, value conflicts… He wanted to know why we were coming to India and what it gives to us. It became very clear that all of us were searching for deeper experiences and trying to put spirituality into everyday lives. In this, religious or spiritual concepts play a secondary role – “Truth is higher than religion.”

A Discussion about Spiritual Values

Anuraag had planned to hold a 40 minutes’ discussion but it ended after 60 minutes – we were so intensely talking with each other that time flew by. He told us that he will upload the talk within a week and that he won’t edit it. So as soon as I will get the link to the YouTube video, I will share it here.

A Discussion about Spiritual Values

Anuraag Saxena

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