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A Dire Warning To America: Censorship Happening On An Industrial Scale As Human Zoo Tracking Tech Is Unveiled

Posted on the 28 April 2020 by Susanduclos @SusanDuclos

- Sinister Marriage Between Big Tech & Big Pharma Pushing Outright Tyranny

A Dire Warning To America: Censorship Happening On An Industrial Scale As Human Zoo Tracking Tech Is Unveiled
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die 
Locked inside an auto garage waiting room for over 5 hours on Monday while our truck received some much needed and absolutely 'essential' repairs, I also became a 'slave to' and 'analyst of' C-Span propaganda for that lengthy period of time and having avoided the msm for most of the past 15+ years, immediately saw the 'social engineering' that R.X. Kendrick recently reported upon in this ANP story. 

With their 'coronavirus experts' actually only political talking heads including Democrats and Republicans who all took turns ripping President Trump to shreds over his handling of this pandemic, it didn't take long for the globalists 'buzz words' to make an appearance in the numerous shows that were on. And yes, their 'experts' continuously pointed out how this pandemic was actually an 'opportunity' to do things politically that they might not have been able to do without it. 

Also quickly firing off another globalist talking point on this pandemic, "we're all in this together", the total unity we've seen from the msm on this 'crisis' being seen as an 'opportunity' (to bring in tyranny?) as well as them attempting to paint a picture of all Americans in this thing together when some Americans are already starving due to food shortages here is alarming. And more reasons why Americans should never let our guards down in the days, weeks and months ahead with these political hacks also pushing their reasons why this lockdown might go on for several years. 

A Dire Warning To America: Censorship Happening On An Industrial Scale As Human Zoo Tracking Tech Is Unveiled
As ANP readers know, over the past 5+ years, ANP has never shied away from tackling controversial topics, especially of the global geo-political nature, so we're quite used to being attacked on a regular basis by hackers who may not agree with our story's points of view. But never before have we seen such a sustained attack upon ANP as we have witnessed over the past week+.

With 'ANP2' now up and running as our backup until our tech can figure out how these devils were able to get into our system in the first place and re-direct our stories elsewhere, as many ANP readers have pointed out within our comment sections, somebody must really hate our stories for such a small website such as ANP to be under such a sustained attack. Though as others have pointed out in their comments, when you're over the top of a target is when you're most likely to be attacked so if that is the case with this latest hack, we'll say 'we're honored' but the implications are huge.
And while at this moment we still have no concrete proof about who has been attacking us, with this latest round of attacks beginning soon after we published the stories listed below, we have an educated guess we're being targeted for the content of our covid-19 stories. And as we'll explore within this story, 'dangerous censorship' is now being unveiled in America with 'big tech' attacking and censoring anything 'anti-vaccine' at time when globalists are ever so eager to inject the masses with their poisons and several Democrat state governors using this 'crisis' as an 'opportunity' to unveil outright tyranny within their own states.
So with Susan's 'Wake Up America' blog up and running as our ANP backup until our tech can figure out exactly how these devils were able to get into our very-well-secured system, (hinting at a 'deep state/China' attack upon ANP?!), of note is that the prior round of attacks upon ANP had happened back in February when we were also all over covid-19 and reports that a weaponized virus had leaked out a lab in China. Some of our most recent stories prior to this latest series of sustained attacks upon ANP.:
Be VERY Concerned! Democrats Weaponize Pandemic To Enact Anti-America, Extreme-Left Pet Projects: How Quarantines Became 'Politics As Usual' For Liberals That Want Total Government Control 

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Tyrants Cracking Down Upon Americans Growing Their Own Food Setting Up Americans For Starvation As Prepping Suddenly Becomes Popular With The Masses 

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So while we're unable to figure out exactly what story 'triggered' the attacks upon ANP, we can surmise by the content of those recent stories that all of this has something to do with our covid-19 coverage, stories that the mainstream media would surely label as 'conspiracy theory', though someone(s) obviously doesn't want our stories getting out to the masses.
Before we continue, Susan and I wish to thank all of you for your patience and support during this truly messed up time. We can promise you, these attacks upon ANP will only make us that much more committed to searching for the truth and reporting what we find in the days and weeks ahead.

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A Dire Warning To America: Censorship Happening On An Industrial Scale As Human Zoo Tracking Tech Is Unveiled
Back in July of 2019, Mike Adams over at Natural News published this story titled "EXCLUSIVE: Google to block all anti-cancer, “anti-vax” and anti-GMO websites at the browser level as tech giant goes all-in with pharma drug cartels" within which he warned of 'big tech' getting into bed with 'big pharma' with the website 'Vaccine Today' even applauding the actions taken by 'big tech' to censor 'anti-vaccine' information.  

With the BBC recently announcing that YouTube will also be censoring if not outright banning videos which only theorize about a possible connection between covid-19 and 5g also showing the direction censorship is taking and it's straight towards tyranny, as Adams pointed out in that 2019 story, well before the arrival of covid-19, all of this was happening along with a merging between 'big tech' and the 'big pharma criminal cartel' From that 2019 story.  

By late 2020, Google’s Chrome browser will automatically block all so-called anti-cancer, “anti-vax” and anti-GMO websites as part of Google’s collapse into a Monsanto/Pharma criminal cartel. Users who want to visit websites that expose the scientifically-validated risks and potential harm of vaccines, chemotherapy, glyphosate or GMOs will have to switch to alternative browsers and search engines, since the search engine is already in the process of eliminating all such websites from its search results. 

Within a year or so, the Google Chrome browser won’t even allow a user to visit sites like without changing the browser’s default settings. The only websites accessible through Chrome will be those which are “approved” to promote mass medication, chemotherapy, pesticides, vaccines, fluoride, 5G cell towers and other poisons that enrich powerful, globalist corporations while dumbing down the population. 

This is the conclusion from a high-level source that told Natural News months ago about the coming purge of organics and natural health websites from Google — a purge that accelerated last week with the removal of and thousands of other natural health sites from Google search results. 

The situation has become so insane that now Google is pushing search suggestions like “organics is a lie” and “supplements are bad.” Google’s algorithm has already been trained to claim that “GMOs are good” and “chiropractic is fake.”
And as we had reported back on April 20th, according to one of the world's leading vaccine manufacturers, a 'successful' covid-19 vaccine may never be developed due to the fact that trying to immunize against such a virus is like trying to create a vaccine for the common cold, extremely difficult if not impossible. 

Yet with some US states already hinting that they won't 're-open' until a vaccine is developed and 'human-zoo tracking tech' is cemented into place hinting that some US states may never re-open if a successful vaccine is their goal, as this recent story over at Exposing Satanism had reported, Americans across the country may soon have a very important choice to make, getting a microchipped vaccine and a lake of fire or freedom and ever-lasting life.

A Dire Warning To America: Censorship Happening On An Industrial Scale As Human Zoo Tracking Tech Is Unveiled

With America never closer to a 'teotwawki' moment in our lifetime's than we are right now, with draconian lock-downs happening in many states already leading to food shortages while the devils use covid-19 in an attempt to completely stomp out the 1st Amendment as we're witnessing now in both California and New Jersey, all eyes and ears should be open and Americans prepared for absolutely anything as we go forward with some states now warning of lock-downs for 2 years or more as reported in this new Washington Examiner story

And nothing in our lifetime's has exposed the complete ineptitude of the entire 'government system' that wants to control our every day lives. With the food supply chain busting, food banks warning they'll possibly be running out of food happening at the same time as farmers simply throwing away millions of dollars in food and 'culling' millions of animals for disposal instead of food purposes, what we're seeing now is absolutely alarming. 

You want to do something for the people, 'government', then help co-ordinate getting all of this food being thrown away to the needy food banks and hungry people. Instead, 'government' works upon their sinister plans to track free people and implement their 'mark of the beast technology'If one didn't know any better, one might think that by their complete ineptitude on getting food to the masses and their unfolding tyranny, they WANT US ALL DEAD! And with covid-19 arriving now here in 2020 and 330 million living here in the US, it's also arriving with really great timing of implementing the globalists sinister 'depopulation agenda' with the website Deagel forecasting less than 100 million people living in America by 2025, less than 5 years from now. Where will over 200 million people go? 

Each of the videos below take a look at this still unfolding saga of 2020. And with 'freedom' absolutely 'essential' to any free country and America quickly being used by Democrats who couldn't impeach President Trump to impose tyranny while they use this 'crisis' as an 'opportunity' to push their anti-America agenda, as Susan Duclos pointed out in this ANP story, Americans should be taking note of the names of the enemies of freedom and America within.  

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