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A Different Kind of Christmas

By Eatingcrowpie @eatingcrowpie
  This Christmas has been decidedly nontraditional for me.  Boots and I didn't skip Christmas, we both went to our company Christmas parties and a few family Christmas parties, we ate Christmas lunch with our neighbors and relaxed at home since we're both on call from work.
  We didn't buy any Christmas presents for anyone except ornaments for an ornament swap, a DVD for our neighbors' kids, and I bought Boots new undershirts and a nose trimmer that he asked for last month.  It was a giftless Christmas except for the gifts we got from relatives that didn't get the memo.  We're certainly not being Scroogey about the gifts we did get, they were very nice and much appreciated, but it's liberating not to be one of the people running around like crazy trying to get good deals on things that will probably be soon forgotten.
  I tried something new- like nonalcoholic eggnog (don't take that to mean I've tried the alcoholic version) and spiced peaches- two of the things that mean "Christmas" to my boss, thought about old traditions- putting up my Dee Dee's Christmas tree with my sisters, listening to Elvis Christmas records, and Boots and I went on our fairly-regularly holiday event date.
  We didn't ride and look at lights this year and I didn't do any baking (trying to cut back!).  We didn't make it to a single church Christmas event either.  Not going to church for anything didn't make it seem very Christmasy to me.  Maybe next year we'll do better.
Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope you've had a great day.

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