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A [Delicious] Taste of Grow Pittsburgh

By Withthegrains @WithTheGrains

September 2013

Wouldn’t it be amazing and refreshing to go into a grocery store and trust all of its offerings? You wouldn’t have to read labels and decipher symbols, you’d just push a cart merrily and fill it with the items on your list.


A Taste of Grow Pittsburgh, the organization’s annual fundraiser, was like a glimpse of that ideal grocery store. Instead of shelves of food, there were tables of fancies from many of my favorite restaurants, all under one tent!


Each restaurant donated a sampling from its menu as a sign of support to Grow Pittsburgh, whose mission is:

…to teach people how to grow food and promote the benefits gardens bring to our neighborhoods. We believe access to locally-grown, chemical-free fruits and vegetables is a right, not a privilege. We envision the day when everyone in our city and region grows and eats fresh, local and healthy food.

The Crowd

In doing so, these restaurants reaffirmed their commitment to local ingredients and the community.

Grow PGH Beers

Pork Tongue Terrine from Root 174

Bright Pink Decor

e2 display

Tomato Fennel Gazpacho from e2

e2 Soups

Plaid and Pork Belly

Pork Belly from The Porch at Schenley

Habitat Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Guinness Spice Cupcakes from Habitat!

Beautiful Bar

My Plate

It was all just so easy to support! In lieu of a cart in a trustworthy grocery store, I carted around my plate, helping myself to the vibrant offerings.

Green Pepper Jam

Spicy and Sweet Pepper Jam from Legume Bistro

Cure Menu

Cure Crostini

Whipped Lardo Crostini from Cure

Grow PGH Team

The Grow Pittsburgh team

Furthermore, the diligent worker bees behind Grow Pittsburgh had a lot of progress to share:

1,090+ volunteers donated 2,260 hours of time to Grow Pittsburgh programs

Worked with 1,668 students in five Pittsburgh Public Elementary Schools and two Public Charter schools through the Edible Schoolyard Pittsburgh Program

Grew 3.8 tons of food at Braddock Farms, Shiloh Garden, and Frick Greenhouse.

…so we all had a lot to appreciate (and eat)!

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