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A Day on the Mountain

By Hannah @Hannah_Beraud

Finally! I think spring is upon us. There are many good things about wintertime- holidays, family time, a school break... okay that's it. I don't care much for winter, so warmer weather makes my heart so happy.

Luckily we planned a trip to Crowder's Mountain State Park with some friends on an absolute springy-day. Terry & I love going to parks and walking trails. I don't know if he loved it when we first got together, but I know he loves it now (one hundred nature trails later).

The park was packed- understandably, the weather was perfect. I was amazed at how many dogs were hiking with their owners. I just don't know if Jules is quite ready for that yet...

Our friends had been there before (it's where they got engaged!!), so we followed their lead. It was strenuous hike, but the fresh air and beautiful sites kept my mind too occupied to feel worn out. Besides, I always find going down much harder. Anyone else?

The hike has a good mix of trail and rock climbing, so we worked all kind of muscles. A much more exciting work out than going to the gym.

When we made it to the top we enjoyed these energy bites. They are great for this kind of thing because they are small & light, but still very dense and filling.

We really did have an amazing view. The top was crowded with lots of people- from babies to granddads. I felt connected with them all, like we conquered the mountain together! My iPhone quality photos do not do it justice.

Terry and I both agreed that doing things together, like climbing a mountain, really makes our marriage so much better. It really is important just to get away for a little bit and spend time together. "Quality time" is my top love language for a reason.

It was great to reconnect with the warmer weather- I am already itching for some more hiking trips.

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