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A Day In The Life Of A Working Lady

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

A Day In The Life Of A Working LadyWhen I finally left Toy R Us back in May of this year as I told a representative at the corporate office that I wanted to resign I had already had another job working at Burlington Coat Factory.

When I got hired at Burlington it wasn’t for the position that I had initially applied for (just like at Toys R Us nobody really wanted to do that job) the desperate bitch manager named Ruth explained to me that she was going to put me in the fitting room to work because none of the other previous fitting room attendants were able to meet audit for an entire year so I was suppose to be the new slave to put to the test and use? I don’t think so!

I wasn’t like the other worthless trashy flunky bitches (Marilyn Bartnick, Johanna Jackson and Latima Hall) that needed to be there. And I am darn sure not anybody’s ass kisser. All three of those inferior bitches tried to start trouble with me yet I ignored them as Ruth had stated “LaToya, your working with a bunch of women, just keep your mouth shut”.

I do understand that “average” jealous women do get catty and petty but not “real” women-“classy women” of intelligence and purpose don’t have time for nonsense. All we care about is being happy and taking great care of ourselves and optimistically preparing different things for our pleasant futures.

Johanna got mad because I expressed to Marilyn how I caught her sad and obvious attempt to sabotage my work-not that working in a fitting room is serious duty-however to people of that nature they don’t know what real work is so Johanna failed at her intention to make me look incompetent at a job that I was far overqualified for.

It reminded me of when I was one of the top workers at Sears about five years ago and after having working there for four years straight a few envious employees tried to mess up my work to get me into trouble, little did the stupid asses know that there were hidden cameras back there in the storage room where I was in charge of, and they were the ones that the head manager penalized. They had to clean up everything that they had intentionally unorganized.

Ruth told me that she knew I was doing everything that I was suppose to do (because she claimed she could see from afar, hidden cameras I assumed, because security also claimed that they knew everything going on within the area too) but that I just needed to speed up on my task of overloaded volumes of clothing that were being returned back to the store on a day to day basis and at the same time organize clothes to go back onto the sales floor while cleaning out and up after the fitting room as customers were nasty and constantly stacking up extra clothing. She wanted me to do all that shit within a short time every day so that she could make audit and take credit? That bitch must have been out of her fucking mind!

The real truth of it all is that they were always backed up due to the fact that they were too cheap to hire other people to fill out other positions I had heard other employees complaining of the excess areas of work that were being stacked upon them (one person bombarded with the impossible unless one was going to fuck up the work just to get it done within a hurry).

A Day In The Life Of A Working Lady
Latima, a literally bald headed bitch with no hair that was barely on the scalp, had the nerve to come to work with a thick long weave the next day after sporting her natural no hair style. This girl is so hideous looking as those are usually the ones to start conflict and she knew that she was ugly because she’d come to work with globs of make up on and still looked bad she got mad at me for doing work that another employee told me to do that she claimed she was going to do then accused me of lying about being told by the other worker to do so.

It was all a set up, silly shit that I ignored, and she made a scene because I would not give her the reaction that she was looking for I never understood why trash thought people should fear them they need to get off of their insecurities as they are absolutely nothing to fear. A customer was even disgusted by her and told me to report her as she was so unprofessional.

The next day Latima didn’t come into work so I told the woman named Karen who was in on the lie that “I come here to work and not for no bullshit” then she got scared and started kissing my ass because she knew she was guilty.

The day after that Ruth calls me into her office because she was disappointed because after a little over a month employed there I wasn’t being the flunky that she hoped and planned that I would be by working me like a damn dog and getting me to do what she wanted when she wanted and said to me “If you don’t speed it up in two more weeks then you’re out the door”.

I said to her, “Will you give me another position in the store since things are not happening fast enough for you?”

“No”, Ruth said.

“I’m leaving now because I’m an excellent worker”, I told her as I refuse to let anyone control me by threats of any kind just to keep a job. I can find work anywhere unlike the others that she had stranded there and wrapped around her finger.

“Okay”, Ruth got mad and said. “I’m going to terminate you out the system right now”. However she lied because she didn’t terminate me right then and there. She hadn’t expected me to come out with what I did. I have too much self esteem and self confidence to stay and tolerate bullshit-she thought she was a bitch-she didn’t know me very well because I can ultimately be the definition of a real bitch!

Instead of actually terminating me within the system I received a new hire benefits bullshit sent to my email later that day:

workday burlingtonstores <[email protected]>


latoyalawrence Jun 27 at 5:06 PM Please log into the Workday system to complete this action. Business Process: Benefit Change – PASSIVE: Non-Exempt New Hire Eligibility : LaToya Lawrence on 06/27/2017 Subject: Passive Event: LaToya Lawrence on 06/27/2017 Details: Change Benefits for Life Event for LaToya Lawrence effective on 06/27/2017 Click Here to view the notification details. She thought I would call and ask if I could come back, however, I didn’t want to. Then the next week I was sent this notice about me “abandoning my job” when I clearly had quit a week before and when I phoned up Ruth to question her about this message she claimed to know nothing about it (the email sent to me) asking me did it come from another Burlington location I told that lying bitch that I had never worked at another Burlington location Why do people lie when they get caught or when they can’t get over especially when another has proof to back up their shit! I caught that bitch red-handed! I left her hanging and she got mad!:

workday burlingtonstores <[email protected]>


latoyalawrence Jul 3 at 3:50 PM

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Dear LaToya Lawrence ,

This is a formal letter regarding your lack of attendance at work. As of the date of this today, you have failed to come to work for at least three consecutive shifts. We have made several attempts to contact you directly about this matter to no avail. These unexcused absences were not requested nor previously approved.

As we have no way of determining if you plan to return to work, we have no choice but to assume you have abandoned your position with us. Thus, in accordance with the company’s policy on attendance and job abandonment, we are accepting your resignation regarding your position effective as of 06/27/2017 .

If there are extenuating circumstances regarding this matter that you want us to know, you must notify your direct Supervisor/Manager immediately, but no later than 7 days from receipt of this letter. Otherwise, we will assume you accept the terms of this letter.

Store Management Team


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