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A Dad Worth Aspiring Towards

Posted on the 31 July 2014 by Russellarbenfox
Stephen Colbert is asked by Rookie magazine to answer some questions from their female readers, as part of their "Ask a Grown Man" feature. The result is some thoughtful, humble, and unapologeticaly "Dad"-ish answers to some questions which Melissa and I, as the parents of four daughters, have heard versions of numerous times before (well, except for the second one, thank goodness--our oldest is still isn't 18 yet!). I don't wear glasses, or a nice home office like Colbert here, but I do have a comfortable lumberjack shirt like he does--and hopefully, I can do about as well as he does in the face of the hard, real questions that come with growing up. If you're a parent (or even if you're not), this is definitely worth 10 minutes of your time.

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