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A Clarification of My Debt Ceiling Position

Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012

a comicAI posted my thoughts on the debt ceiling “negotiations.”  After receiving a few comments and emails I wanted to clear my position on the matter.  Hopefully, this will clear things up.

I blame BOTH sides for the hyperpartisanship in Washington D.C.  The fact that politicians wait until the last-minute to broker deals is indicative of a lack of leadership in D.C.  Both sides try to use whatever they can as leverage in their negotiations.  After the latest “fiscal cliff” debate, Republicans agreed upon a deal that offered no spending cuts.  The president who had initially said he wouldn’t budge on the 250k tax bracket minimum allowed it to be raised to 450k. 

Now we have another fiscal issue to deal with.  America has reached its debt limit of $16.4 trillion.  Congress must now approve raising the limit.  If they don’t the consequences could prove dire.  It would affect the good faith of the USA.  We wouldn’t be able to pay our bills.  There would be a shut down in government.

Republicans have caught a lot of flak for trying to use the “debt ceiling” as political leverage in order to get spending cuts in return.  The president has responded by saying he refuses to negotiate when it comes to this topic.  He said they should raise the limit and then he will begin talking about spending cuts.  He of course wants more tax revenue in exchange.

I don’t blame Republicans for wanting spending cuts.  There is no precedent (at least not in the past decade) that Democrats will actually pass spending cuts.  No one has actually done anything to several tackle our total debt.  The debt ceiling really is the last legal means to hold them accountable.  So I don’t blame them.

I DO HOWEVER THINK THAT THEY SHOULD RAISE THE LIMIT.  I think they will, no matter what, raise the debt limit.  We have to pay our bills.  The money of course was appropriated by other Congresses, but we have to pay our bills.  I think the president should sit down with Speaker Boehner and tell him I will begin discussing spending cuts with you today, but I want you to raise the limit now so we don’t cause a crisis or risk another credit downgrade.  It would be a show of good faith.

A fellow blogger asked if the debt limit should be ended.  He makes a good point that even though the limit was instituted to prevent accumulating too much debt; we end up raising it anyway.  I just have a problem eliminating the limit.  There has to be some sort of accountability.

Our president really hasn’t spoken to Republican leaders very much, if at all.  I want them today to begin negotiations for the sequestration deadline.

Let me be clear on another thing.  I sincerely and wildly hope that President Obama is successful in turning this economy around in his second term.  I love this country too much to wish otherwise.  I think he is a great guy.  I just happen to disagree with him sometimes.  I think many times I simply disagree with the way he approaches things.

A friend of mine thinks I’m a hardcore Republican.  I disagree.  I think I’m just the most conservative person they know.  The thought of being likened toRush Limbaugh is repulsive.  I definitely think I’m conservative; but certainly not on every issue.

A hardcore Republican wouldn’t advocate the legalization of marijuana.

A hardcore Republican wouldn’t be advocating for equal rights for gay couples.

So I ask my loyal readers, do you think I’m a hardcore Republican?

*Hopefully, I’ve cleared up my position on the debt ceiling.  Let me know if you need any more of a clarification.

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