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A Chic Opportunity Like This Can't Go to Waste

By Ninamorena @NinaMorenaXO
The shoe of the day is the gold sandal with serpent detail and chunky heel by Yves Saint Laurent between 1999 and 2002.
A chic opportunity like this can't go to wasteWe all know no one wants to grow up, but in certain cases, being an adult would benefit. The JPG show is on a week night, and there's absolutely no chances of my fifteen-year-old self being there if a parent/older person isn't with me. This is basically the apocalypse of my life. I have to go. I absolutely must go. I have to find a way, or a car door will be shut on my soul forever. I am in desperate need of a an eternally awesome older person, and right now not many come to mind because they're all employed.My mom keeps saying to stop obsessing because "there are worse things than not seeing a fashion show" and I do realize that, but this is such a perfect opportunity!Since when can you waltz onto a downtown street to see the collection of a well-respected, notorious and famous French fashion designer?I passed up buying tickets to fashion week in February and meeting him at Holt Renfrew in June. I just really want this, and I'm sorry if I now sound like a horrible spoiled brat.I didn't mean it that way.XOXO,Nina

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