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A Challenge to Laci the Dog

Posted on the 18 May 2011 by Mikeb302000
The gauntlet has been cast.
A Challenge to Laci the DogPatrick Butts, of Where Angels Fear To Tread, sez:
"Between you and Laci, I don’t know who I dis­like the most.[sic]"
I, for one, will not let this stand.  I maintain Mssr. Butts shall--indeed, must dislike me more.
The challenge, should Laci accept, is: at the time of one month from now, Patrick Butts shall demonstrably dislike me more.  We shall allow Patrick Butts to decide the outcome of this contest.  Should Mr. Butts decline to adjudicate this contest, readers of this blog shall determine the victor.
Stakes:  One (1) bottle:
A Challenge to Laci the Dog

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