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A Butterfly – Eclosion of the Soul

By Luphil

The butterfly is a profound symbol of transformation – it goes through very different stages of its existence. A caterpillar has seemingly nothing to do with the strange chrysalis, and who would think that out of this immobile cocoon a beautiful flying being would emerge?

In our lives, we also might experience going through very different stages which seemingly have nothing to do with each other. There are clairvoyants, like Barbara Ann Brennan, who have observed with some people that for a longer period they are going through a time of pregnancy followed by a profound transformation, a second birth. During this time in the “psychic uterus” we might feel locked up, not knowing which direction our life wants to take. We are in a state of transition, which is frequently accompanied by deep inner crises and a reorientation of what we want to express in life. If you hold on, you might experience coming out of the chrysalis and step into a new life, where your soul’s intention can freely express – like a butterfly, symbol of the soul, coming out of the cocoon and starting to fly.

Dinu, a friend from Mysore, whom I had visited in January, had his camera ready when a butterfly, a Plain Tiger, came out of the chrysalis. He documented it in his blog, “Dinu’s Yarden” (Yarden = Garden + Yard) and just sent me the link to the beautiful 2 min. video – must see!

There are millions of butterflies rising from out of their chrysalis but it needs a human eye to observe and a human heart to gain the inspiration and realize that it’s a story about his own soul.


The Plain Tiger just before eclosion. Pic: Dinakar KR (c)

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