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A Bunch of Random Crap

By Jayfletch22 @Jayfletch22
This is going to be a super random post...
My blog was featured on yesterday! I was so glad and thankful, but embarrassed at the same time because I think my blog is crap. I really need to start working on it a ton more.
But I have been working on my handmade accessories store a whole lot. I think I'm practically addicted to it. I love making accessories, and I am constantly trying to promote it on my twitter, Facebook, and instagram. I really want to do a big giveaway soon, so that I can get my products out there, and thank my subscribers for putting up with me being a crappy blogger, on my crappy blog.
As you can see, my confidence levels are pretty low. All the time.
Oh and to make it better, I nearly just walked into another classroom at school. So embarrassing.
But on the bright side, my birthday is in 6 days! I am so happy to not be a teenager anymore! Its weird, but I like want to be in my late 20's already. I feel like I'm already so much older than everyone I know, mentally. But I still look like I'm 14. Ugh.
But I painted my nails the other day! It's not very spring or wintery, but I love the color.
Thanks for reading my super crappy post!
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A bunch of random crapA bunch of random crapA bunch of random crap

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