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A British Slim Wall Calendar

By Merchesico @mergepsycho

A British slim wall calendar

This is the calendar I illustrated in 2020 for this current 2021 year - with watercolours and ink line drawings taken mostly from the sketchbook, it wanted to capture the essence of the best of British but of course in a light hearted and fun way - it certainly might not please literally everyone, but it's perfectly apt and safe to be enjoyed by all the family. A conversation starter, or the beginning of the Christmas dinner argument? (In my case it was the stocking filler of the season) So yeah, I guess the dog can have it, too.

Have you had this calendar? (It's for 2021 and it's from Marks and Spencer - great value for money) If so, I sincerely hope you're enjoying it - if not, may I ask that if you'd like to see me struggling over some typical, kind of 'only in Britain' kind of scenarios, drop your valuable comments here - and I'll try to get them in the 2023 or 2025 or whenever there's the slightest chance, weather permitting.

PS. Thanks a lot - your contribution will be appreciated and unlike the Census you must have filled in, you don't need to wait for it to come around for like 10 years, it doesn't have to be true nor accurate, and you can influence policy - at least in my calendar making plans.

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