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A British Best at The Winter Games

By Nico @atravellersday

Image source: Reuters

It’s four months to go to the next World Cup and you can guarantee England will be holding it’s collective breath as the team strives to reach the finals for a chance to add to the trophy cabinet. You don’t have to wait so long though to see the national team pick up prizes, because am GB is already roaring to success at the Sochi Winter Olypmics. In fact, it’s our most succesful winter games to date and here’s what you have to look forward to.


David Attenborough has added his classic commentating spin on a topic – curling this time, not conservation – making team Great Britain’s attempts to win a medal at this years Winter Olympics one of the most talked about pieces of news on the Internet. In fact, some have even gone as far as calling the sport sexy (I’m just impressed at what he can do with his voice).


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I admit that I actually had to look this up, but it appears that Skeleton – which looks to be the equivalent of jumping on an ironing board and flying down a Bobsleigh run – is another of the countries biggest strengths. Definitely something to get the adrenaline racing.


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Snow Boarding

Jenny Jones has been lighting up the slopes with her snow boarding – otherwise known as a cool version of skiing where British contestants don’t have to keep a stiff upper lip – moves. She’s definitely one to watch and will undoubtedly bring in more medals in the future.


These are just three of the highlights for team GB at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Check out this neat infographic – courtesy of – to learn more about what team GB has in store over the next few days.

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