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A Bright Blue Kitchen Hides Within This Minimalist Quebec Renovation

By Dwell @dwell
Facade of Quebec renovation by Naturehumaine.

“The property was set higher in elevation than its surrounding neighbors,” said architect Stephane Rasselet. “In order to provide the most intimacy to the owners, we needed to exploit that height difference to create views toward the Saint Lawrence River.” Goodfellow provided the stained cedar on the home’s exterior. 

Architect  Naturehumaine

This house in Le Bic, Quebec, was once a quaint, suburban dwelling whose pitched roof and brick exterior seemed to be dominated by its surroundings. Large trees cast shadows on the walls, and apart from a single neighbor, its surroundings were mostly vegetation. Still, this property had one important detail: the opportunity for growth. The owners, a doctor and a food prep manager who work at a nearby hospital, wanted the intimacy of a compact property for their young family without the dark and confining aspects of the former house. Architect Stephane Rasselet of Naturehumaine kept the original wood structure, but blended it into an L-shaped design that carries the abundance of views indoors. “This concept allowed for a feeling of lightness, openness, and fluidity,” he said. Now, there’s only one dominant feature on the lot—the playful hue that can be found in the kitchen. 

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