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A Box of Happiness and Love

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
Baby showers are one of those times that call for celebration, that bring about ecstasy, that somehow you can't help but beam with pride and glow with joy whenever you look at that amazing tiny being you had brought into the world.
Traditionally in Chinese culture, we would hold a baby shower when the baby is one month old and give away red eggs, glutinous rice or cakes to relatives and friends.
I wanted to do something different for Angel's baby shower, something special, sincere but yet not too backbreaking since preggies were supposed to take it easy and I was just weeks away from my due date when I had this idea.
So, in addition to making my own party bags, I also added a touch of love with a self-designed cube box filled with chocolates, origami hearts and a thank-you card.
A box of happiness and love
I thought they ended up looking really cute, but best of all they were simple to make.
What you need:
1) Cube template
2) A4 Photo paper (I used glossy 260gsm)
3) Printer and color ink
4) Scissors and tape runner
5) Ruler
A box of happiness and love
Firstly, download a cube template similar to the one here. You can click on this image and save it or search for your own preferred design online.
A box of happiness and loveOpen it up in Photoshop or any other program that is available (you can even do this in MS Powerpoint) and fit it onto a A4 template. Select six pictures of your baby/family or design your own graphics. It is best to add in your own text like your baby's name because this will make it so much more personalised and unique.
Tip: Ensure that the pictures fit nicely into the squares and check that they are facing the correct direction. You can use mine as a guide.
A box of happiness and love
Save your template and print out as many copies as you need on the photo paper. Tip: Remember to change your media type from plain paper to photo paper for better results. Fold the template accordingly, using a ruler to flatten the folds so as to achieve sharp edges. Run the tape runner on the flaps and stick them neatly along the edges to form a cube. I personally think tape runners are so much easier to use and avoid the hassle of glue stains and time needed to dry.
A box of happiness and love
Voila! There, you have your very own self-designed cube and it's entirely up to your creativity on the filling. Just remember that the cube is not meant to hold heavy stuf. Chocolates remind me of happiness and hearts remind me of love, so these were the very two things I wanted to give to my guests.
A box of happiness and love
After you have finished filling up the cubes, you can either secure the front flap with the tape runner or just fold it in for easy opening.
A box of happiness and love
This was how my baby shower favour looked in the end. It was Christmas so I decided to put a picture of Angel in her Santa Claus outfit on the bag.
A box of happiness and loveYou like it? It was one of my favorite DIY projects and I hoped my guests loved it too! Sometimes, it's not about the amount of money you put into a gift, it's about the sincerity and the love within.

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