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a "blot on the Landscape"

Posted on the 16 August 2013 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth
New planning guidance about bin storage is being published next week. The guidance will warn house builders that "unsightly bins left lying around the neighbourhood can damage the visual amenity of an area".
"Carefully planned bin storage is, therefore, important. Each dwelling should have enough storage space for all the different types of bin used in the local  authority area (for example landfill, recycling, food waste)," it will add.
Mr Pickles said: "For years, badly-placed wheelie bins and the proliferation of multiple bins have created a blot on the landscape. In streets up and down the country, ugly bin clutter has ruined the street scene and the look of people's homes and gardens. By ensuring that developers create appropriate waste storage areas when designing new homes, we can tackle the ghastly gauntlet of bin blighted streets and driveways."
Mr Pickles criticised bin policies under the last government, saying they had "made families' lives hell".
The Department for Communities and Local Government said the move would "help avoid bins dominating residential streets" on new developments.  But there are no plans to tackle what critics call "bin blight" on existing residential streets, a spokeswoman added.

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