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A Bloody Good Rant

By Chrryblossomtat2
Maggie is furious, so angry in fact that she called a meeting last weekend to talk about a subject which Andrew and I had been getting more and more frustrated and upset about. Look, tongue slightly out = determination, haa.
Maggie calls a meeting - '' ~ an allotment blog
Our next door plot owners have had their land for the same length of time as we have had ours. Each year they did a little tiny bit of clearing and maybe planted one or two plants, one year they put up a bird feeding station, next they got a man to build them a huge shed and a lovely sleeper bench. In the past there has been rotovation, strimming, weed killing and if I'm not mistaken...burning. But it has never been productive.
They haven't been around for months now and the grass is up to my thigh, there are even rushes in there and it couldn't be in a worse state. Oh how I wish it had just been left alone from the start.
Arrrghh - '' ~ an allotment blog
What about the tenacity rules!! 
We have been battling their weed seeds for years and recently it has proved too much, particularly with other neighbours who don't care around our 14b plot (not to this scale but bad enough!). It's the reason we are giving that one up.
This is all we have to battle it with. We do our best but it's exhausting and time consuming. Plus, the council aren't doing a thing, either with evictions or moving the paths as they are meant to; so the frustration increases here.
A little scythe and hand powered mower - '' ~ an allotment blog
We have got on top of this path....
Transformation of the 24a path - '' ~ an allotment blog
next, we have to tackle this? Arrghhhh....
The 14b path arrgghhh - '' ~ an allotment blog
Tomorrow shall be happier - I'm going to show you the joys of 24a and some pretty other stuff
Carrie xx

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