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a 2019 Resolution.

By Jadecharlotte @jadeodonnell_
a 2019 resolution.

Happy New Year’s Eve! If someone had asked me this time last year, what I wanted to achieve in 2018 I probably would’ve said a number of things; see a friend get married, travel a bit, see in two years at a job I love, hell, even maybe give dating a go. Why not? I’d be turning twenty-six and life’s my oyster. and all that. Then I got sick. Really sick. I missed the wedding; the chance to travel; numerous plans to see friends; my birthday; I had to leave my lovely job and trying dating was the last thing on my mind. We still don’t know what caused my stomach to completely start failing or why exactly but 2018 was not the year I was hoping it’d be. I’ve had more doctors appointments than hot dinners (because eating really is a struggle these days. Soup is my new go-to and some days I can’t even eat at all. Damn acidic reflux). I’ve been jabbed and poked with so many needles I feel like a pincushion; given far too many tablets for this symptom and that that I’ve lost track and I’ve been told to ‘try yoga’ or that ‘it’s all in your head’ so many times I want to scream, many from a doctor or consultant who doesn’t want to listen. However there’s far more wonderful NHS staff I’ve come across that bad, and this post isn’t to bash them at all.

After no luck with the first consultant, we’ve switched thanks to a recommendation and things are now slowly starting to look up and fall into place. I’m finally being listened to and although they say never google your symptoms, I was so frustrated and curious that I wound up doing just that. Ironically both the second consultant and I reached the same conclusion before I ever voiced my concerns about what I’d found.
He believes it to be Gastroparesis. It’s chronic, incurable but thankfully (hopefully) manageable. Various tests are currently underway, I’ve already had an X-ray, even more bloods and have just undergone the Gastric Emptying Study on Wednesday. My consultant says he’s already “98% positive” it is Gastroparesis (but if it isn’t the tests will continue.) My hope for 2019 is that I finally get a diagnosis and a way to manage it so I can hopefully get back into a normal way of life. I miss work and all the lovely team there, being able to actually plan things in advance and not having other things ruined because my stomach decided to freak out and made me violently ill because I dared to eat something more solid than mash potatoes.
Congrats if you’ve made it this far, I promise I’ll wrap this up now, but I just wanted to stress that if you’re ill at all, or even just unsure about something, it doesn’t have to be health-related; never be afraid to get a second opinion or seek alternative advice. You only get one chance at life or one body, make it count. My New Years resolution is to keep on fighting, what’s yours? Ps. Today’s been a shit day and I couldn’t find any of those fab New Years headbands, so a snap filter while wrapped up with blankets and a hot water bottles gonna have to do. 😂

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