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9 Year Anniversary and Direction for This Chemistry Blog

Posted on the 02 January 2021 by Ewong0117

Hello! It has been 9 years since I have set up this blog! How time flies!

I have been planning a lot for the development of, which is where we will be publishing all our resources going forward, so definitely check out this website if you are taking Chemistry and A Maths.

We are also working hard on the launch of our online LIVE tuition lessons. It's a big project, as we are doing a complete overhaul of our lessons. 

Online learning should be a way we learn with because of its effectiveness,  not because we are forced into it (yes, I'm referring to the pandemic). 

For 2021, this is what you will be expecting:

- Video lessons. I've seen comments asking for this, and it's time we start on it. Over the next few days and weeks you will be seeing more and more videos on our channel. Dosubscribe here to receive the latest updates on the videos. We are making videos on 3 topics:

  1. O Level Chemistry
  2. O Level A Math
  3. A Level Chemistry
- Launch of online LIVE tuition lessons on the following subjects. These lessons are based on the Singapore O and A level syllabus. So if you are looking for a tutor, do sign up at .
  • O Level Chemistry
  • O Level A Math
  • A Level Chemistry
  • - Experimenting with something newYes, we are experimenting with something new, and this should come up late in 2021. I'll let you know when the time comes.

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