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9 Steps For Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

By Weddingblog2011

Most people deciding on a wedding are planning it for the first time with little background or experience in wedding planning. Of course, you want the day go smoothly and don’t want to worry about anything with all the things you have to consider. This can lead to a stressful situation. But, if you begin to get organized and stay on track, your wedding ceremony can come off without any problems.

Here are 9 things to consider about when planning your wedding ceremony:

1. You and your future spouse have to start and make a list of how many people you’re going to invite. If you are over your number, start crossing people out. Keep on going until you have the number that you require. Remember, everyone that you invite to your wedding ceremony, you will most definitely need to invite to the wedding reception.

2. Decide how large you would like your wedding party. Again, you and the future spouse will need to fabricate a list of who is important to you, both male and female, and begin to work out your wedding party details.

3. Decide on the particular denominations. Religious or non-religious. You will need to make a decision and then decide on the church or location that you are going to exchange your vows. This will also decide the type of ceremony that you will ultimately have. If you are leaning toward a church or other official religious ceremony, it is going to be much more formal and you may want people to people to participate (readings). If you are going less formal, it will be easier to organize that aspect of it.

4. Decide on your flowers. You are going to require flowers for the ceremony (sometimes these are reused during the reception as center pieces, everyone does it so don’t think you are being cheap), for the cocktail reception, for the wedding reception, bouquets, boutonniere’s and or corsage’s.

5. Music will have to be obtained and arranged for the ceremony. You are going to have to decide on what type of music you want played as the guests are arriving This will also be needed at the procession, at certain times during the ceremony, as the wedding party leaves and as the guests leave the church or hall.

6. You will also need to plan the receiving line as people are leaving. Make certain everyone knows their place.

7. Photographs. You will want to document the entire day as the bride gets ready, the ceremony, the reception and of course the bridal party pictures. You may actually want to decide on getting a videographer to preserve your ceremony forever.

8. Transportation. Usually, the groom will get to the church via one of the drivers and the bride will get there in the limo. This can be changed according to your needs. Just make sure that everyone has a way to get to the church!

9. Last but not least, DON’T FORGET THE RINGS!

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