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9 Rules to Stay Positive

By Saleyourbooks Com
9 rules to stay positive
1- I need to develop the energy of never looking back from the past to see the previous chapters of life over and over since I can't return to my previous to repair things. Now's the opportunity to assess the lessons learnt once and focus on to increase my current and future.
2- I must steer clear of negative souls so I must prevent spending time with folks doing backbiting, criticizing, cursing, whining , conspiring, corrupting and complicating. (More about the 6 Cs could be read in this hyperlink.
3- I must prevent judging other people due to their activities. I have to mind my own company rather than distributing their activities and commenting in unfavorable manner. Thinking and talking about other people pollutes my ideas and steals my reassurance.
4- I need to develop the practice of gratitude. Meaning that in the conclusion of every day I have to refresh the simple fact that I'm far better than countless those people of the planet. Becoming healthy, maybe not in debt, sleeping on the mattress, eating 3 times per day and utilizing net are the fantastic blessings billions of individuals don't appreciate. Individuals possessing high degree of gratitude reinforce positive strong thoughts.
5- I need to spend some time in reading great books, visiting sites on positivity, enjoying Facebook pages comprising quotations and studying inspirational stories on daily basis. This can help eliminate negative impurities out of my nature and enable my positive character trait.
6- I have to stop being volatile and responsive to individuals and situations. I have to remain optimistic about other's feelings and respect their own views because every spirit is exceptional in believing so that I need to avoid imposing my ideas to other people. I have to confess that I'm wrong occasionally so comprehending other's standpoint be empathetic is quite crucial for me to prevent building stress decreasing my self-positivity index.
7- I have to be positive in my situation even if they're not as great. I must comprehend that time doesn't halt so I must begin taking the required actions to expedite the change procedure. One thousand plans cannot be equivalent to the energy of one great measure taken directly now!!!
8- I need to of concentrate on religious awakening acts like a) regular attacks of smiling, reduction of skill in conflicts, lack of skill to others, ability to respond to things as they occur rather than residing in anxieties and so forth.
9- I have to concentrate on enhancing the caliber of my ideas because caliber of ideas determine the amount of reassurance. 

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