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9 Reasons We Can’t Sleep Well

Posted on the 14 September 2016 by Infographixdirectory @infographixdir

Having difficulties to get enough sleep? Here are the top reasons:

1. You think excessively – Go to a different part of your house—living room, patio, dining room.
2. Your bedroom is cluttered – Clean and organize your room. Make it a cozy place for sleep.
3. You are hungry – Never sleep when you’re hungry. Opt for a high-protein bedtime snack.
4. The room glows – Shut down everything that emits light.
5. Hormones change – Take a hot bath a few hours before sleep.
6. Noise is everywhere – Turn off everything that sounds noisy to you.
7. You sleep in – Avoid waking up an hour longer than usual because you sleep late. Wake up the usual time and take an afternoon nap.
8. You sleep with dust mites – Clean your mattress regularly. Please, replace it if it’s more than 10 years old.
9. Your pets sleep with you – Designate a special sleeping place for your pets.

reasons why we can't sleep


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