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9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

By Lisa @Lisapatb

9 Real Estate Agents Who Really Get Twitter Right

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right TodayThere are many real estate agents on Twitter today. But I have found most of them just tweet out their own listings. They treat Twitter like a billboard for their listings and their branding campaigns. And yes, some realtors still protect their tweets. Luckily I have found some great examples of real estate agents that get Twitter today! (It took a bit of time I must admit.)

Why These 9 Real Estate Agents?

The 9 realtors I choose for examples are using Twitter like the social network is intended for. Most importantly they are using Twitter to engage with others and become known as an expert in the real estate field. Most of these real estate agents mentioned have their own blogs and have been using Twitter for 5+ years.

These 9 real estate agents all have a Klout score over 50. (Not that Klout scores made the difference for these 9 to make the cut. I found some agents with high Klout scores but they did not engage on the Twitter network. They were quickly were cut from the list.)

Here are the 9 Real Estate Agents who get Twitter Right!

1 Bill Gassett, of RE/MAX Executive Realty in MA.

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

Bill doesn't just tweet out listings, he tweets out a lot of information and engages with others. Of course he has his own blog and posts pretty often on it. He is one busy real estate agent in New England.

If you notice on the screen shot Bill has a Klout score of 69. He has been on Twitter since 2007 - almost 10 years - a decade of tweeting!

When you look at his profile and notice, he tweets about every hour and retweets and engages with other users. That shows he is ACTIVE. I believe he uses JustRetweet - which is great as long as you stay on your topic and he does.

Most of all I believe Bill is a great example of how a real estate agent can use Twitter today.

2. Jeffrey C. Hogue, Weichart Realtors, out of Pennsylvania.

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

Jeffrey is another realtor that understands how to tweet. He retweets and does engage from time to time on the Twitter network. He's been tweeting since 2011.

You really have to like his Twitter cover. You know for sure what company he is with! This highlights how important the cover image can be for a brand.

Being that Jeffrey is a photographer surely helps him in real estate and social media. He uses a lot of great photographs in his posts.

Maintaining a blog with useful information for buyers and sellers helped Jeffrey to tweet more. That helps to show how knowledgeable he is in his own market too.

3. Shannon Holmes, Great Homes Alabama from Birmingham, Alabama.

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

Shannon is my 3rd pick. I really liked how she shared things via Retweets and others content on her Twitterfeed. She also has a nice blog that she is becoming known for her expertise in real estate in the Alabama area.

Being interviewed in Bloomberg BusinessWeek for her expert knowledge of the Birmingham Real Estate Market makes Shannon an influencer in her niche.

Shannon knows how to use Twitter and it looks like she is growing her following. She has been on the network since 2009.

4. Mark Brian, from Anderson, South Carolina.

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

I've met Mark on Twitter and via Just Retweet and Triberr. He knows how to use social media and Twitter especially. He has a cool blog called "Ugly but Honest"....He has been continually updating it over time with all types of real estate information.

This blog gives him a lot of info to share across his social networks and he will engage with you too there.

That's why I've chosen Mark for this list. He really does get Twitter. He's been on the network since 2009 and has a decent Klout score of 57.

Being authentic is part of Mark as he even shares his phone number with you in his profile. Mark is ready to do business with you!

5. Dean Oullette, from Chandler, Arizona.

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

Dean is another cool real estate agents that gets Twitter. Dean not only gets Twitter but is on Snapchat and Instagram. He seems to have a knack for social media.

Dean too has a blog with a lot of informative information on the Chandler, Arizona real estate market.

Engaging with others on the Twitter network is Deans' specialty and he is not afraid to speak his mind. That makes him authentic - another key component of being successful on Twitter today.

One thing is sure Dean seems to have fun with Twitter and consequently that is important! One must have fun on Twitter to stay engaged and be active there day after day.

6. Jim Duncan, of Central Virginia.

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

Jim Duncan is a lot like Dean from above with his use of Twitter. His blog looks to be of the same set up with lots of informative topics on real estate in his area.

As a result he retweets often and " likes " a lot of stuff on the Twitter network. Sharing photos of his daily life and not posting his listings is refreshing to see from a real estate agent.

Consequently this real estate peep understands what social media is about. It's not about selling or being sold to on Twitter.

7. Sherry Chris, CEO of Better Homes and Gardens.

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today
I love seeing a CEO tweet. And Sherry Chris surely does! She really gets and understands Twitter. She event got herself verified. Sherry has the highest Klout score I've seen for real estate agents at 72. She is not afraid to show us who she is and what she is about.

She has been tweeting since 2008. Sherry has quite a following too. You can tell she enjoys using the network and continually tweets.

Sherry shares all kinds of useful information about the real estate market and current events and holidays.

Therefore if you follow Sherry you will be glad you did as she covers quite a range of topics that are interesting.

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

Debbie Drummond retweets, engages with others and uses my favorite tool, the Buffer. Thanks to Klout for leading me to Debbie as she has a score of 63.

She has an active real estate blog (since 2011) that she regularly updates and keeps her as a great source of real estate information.

Most noteworthy on this choice is the Lists. It look to be one of Debbie's way of managing her Twitter account much like those that master Twitter with ease. However timesavers on Twitter are a must for busy real estate agents.

Debbie also has a great follow ratio with over 7,000 followers on the social network. People love to follow when one shares relevant information.

9. Teri Moy Nguyen from Queens, New York of Exit Realty

9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

Teri is the only real estate agent without a Klout score or a blog. However Teri really gets Twitter and social media therefore she made the list here. She tweets and retweets out valuable real estate information and is consistent.

There are many other real estate agent who have great profiles and Klout scores but only tweet out their own stuff and are NOT consistent. Some are are even verified on Twitter.

Most noteworthy for Teri is she has over 17,000 followers - almost double the people she is following. Twitter users know when someone shares good relevant information day after day.

What more real estate agents need to do on Twitter:

  1. Engage with others and network. Just tools like Just Retweet and Triberr if you have a blog.
  2. Share relevant content to help buyers and sellers along the way buying or selling a home.
  3. Be consistent. Use tools like the Buffer or Hootsuite to save time and yet grow a presence at the same time.
  4. Have a profile picture and use your name. Using your own name vs. a company name gives you more of an authentic profile.
  5. Furthermore just use Twitter. Like the general Twitter population many realtors just put up a profile and leave it. Like the old saying goes "use it or lose it".
What more real estate agents need to do on Twitter: 5 Tips Click To Tweet In addition what advice would you recommned to real estate agents on Twitter today? Do know any real estate agents that should be on this list too?

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9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today
9 Real Estate Agents Who Get Twitter Right Today

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