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9 Horrible Fashion Trends For Kids

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

My Daughter the Fashion DivaMy older kids enjoy picking out their own clothes. The other day when I was shopping for my boys some new outfits for school, I was amazed at some of the crazy choices on the racks at some of the children’s clothing shops. I am fairly picky and I make sure that my kids are wearing clothing that isn’t too provocative, have crazy sayings on their shirts, ect. Today, I wanted to share with you 9 horrible fashion trends that Emily Johnson, a fashion expert, has seen in the children’s stores when she was window shopping to see what kids are wearing today.

The fashion trends are fast changing but you still find some styles defy all ‘rules’ of the fashion world to reign supreme. On the other side, you might be happy that some styles are now out of the shops and your sight. I give below a list of the top 9 horrible fashion trends for kids that I could not bear to see any growing child wear. Here you go.


Simply ‘Clueless’

I just cannot imagine how this trend won the hearts of many. A child, who is still innocent to the ways of the world, needs to be dressed in apparel appropriate for her age. Children may not understand the implications of outfits that go higher up the knees and hence arguments are quite common in homes when the trend hits the market. Definitely not the trend that deserves a comeback.

Offensive Printed Tees

Nothing catches up faster than the words on a tee shirt. One of the most favorite trends with kids, some printed tees more than just raised many an eyebrow. The messages in some of the tee shirts were sexy and shattering. It is not just the question how the wearer is seen but it catches up like a contagious disease to affect an innocent passer-by. Definitely not the right way to teach your children the alphabets and sentences.

Padded Bras

You want to read the headline again? Yes, it was introduced in kids’ fashion collections. Why would a child need to be dressed to appear as if she has developed bosom? Just unimaginable how low these designers could go to tap the market. There are, however, wonderful designers whose creativity deliver comfort, style and are in line with modesty. You can find this style  in such shops that were opened for children’s fashion.

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