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9 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish

We all want our windows to be perfectly clean and shiny all the time without much effort. But unfortunately, the world works differently. Sooner or later, our windows become dusty and dirty from all kinds of pollutants in our environment. Sometimes it’s fingerprints, and sometimes it’s only hard water stains. However, cleaning your windows is still unpleasant, challenging, and time-consuming. This is why many people avoid this task like fire, or if they decide to take it on, they do it at most once a year. But if you want clean and shining windows all the time, you will have to put a little more effort into it. Many people don’t consider this, and they make some of the most foolish mistakes while cleaning their windows. You would be surprised, but these things happen practically all the time because most people need to learn about window cleaning options, techniques, or solutions. To learn from their errors, check out 7 of the most common window cleaning mistakes.

Not dusting the window first

Moving straight forward to the spraying and wiping is not a good idea. The dust on the window surface contains all kinds of pollutants, some of which are abrasive. By wiping those abrasives directly on the glass, you risk scratching the glass, which will affect the visual appearance of the window. Use a feather duster rather than a microfibre cloth to remove the excess dust. While doing that, you’ll be able to mark any highly stained areas that will need extra attention and maybe pre-soaking.

Not knowing your tools

The first and probably biggest window cleaning mistake people make is not familiarising themselves with the tools they are about to use. Like, for instance, the scraper. It’s one of the essential tools for this kind of cleaning, but only a few people know how to use it properly. It’s used to remove any kind of deposits on the glass. And if it’s misused, it can scratch the window and leave permanent marks. To use this tool appropriately, you’ll need to use it in a single direction and apply equal pressure from each side. You should also ensure the blade in the scraper is new because the old one can have some bumps, which will influence the quality of the cleaning. Professional window cleaners change the blades of their scrapers at least two times a week.

Using dirty tools

Using dirty tools to clean your windows is a big no-no. Glass surfaces can get streaks even if you do the job correctly. High levels of attention are needed. So, by using dirty tools, you’ll be only spreading the dirt around, lodging it deep into the frames, and creating smudges that will take a lot of effort to get clean. So, make sure all your tools are clean, including the squeegee, the sponge, the bucket, and the microfibre cloth. Have 2-3 cloths at hand, just in case the windows are dirtier than initially estimated. Use one of the cloths to wipe the squeegee blade after each strike,

Cleaning exterior windows first

Almost everyone claims that most of the dirt on windows comes from the outer part. It has some sense because many outside influences can stain the glass from the outside. But the truth is that the interior portion of the window is a lot dirtier simply because we touch the surface and leave marks. If you notice the windows are dirty, don’t go straight outside, because the problem may not be there. First, clean the interior side and check from all points of view if any marks are left. Sometimes going outside and cleaning the exterior side of the windows is just unnecessary.

Cleaning your windows on a sunny day

The weather is essential when it comes to window cleaning, and many people need to remember that. You shouldn’t clean your window when the weather is rainy, cloudy, or foggy. You should also avoid cleaning windows under direct sun because they will dry too quickly, and there will be streaks. You should pay attention to these things if you want clean windows with no mistakes.

Insufficient window drying technique

The proper drying technique is the key to getting your windows perfectly clean. To avoid fogging, use a squeegee rather than a rag. Rags can emit heat when you clean, leaving you with foggy windows to deal with. Newspapers are also not recommended. They can leave print marks or lint on the glass. Using a sweeper or a microfibre cloth is your best bet for streakless windows.

Using the improper window spray

Be careful about your window cleaning solutions. The most common mistake is to use oil-based cleaners on windows, which leaves marks and damages the glass in the longer term. The best possible window cleaning solutions are natural, like water and vinegar. Many opt for a simple solution of water and liquid dish soap, which is also effective. In recent years, window cleaning robots using purified water are also a hit among homeowners and are replacing the standard squeegee and spray.

Using too much detergent

Many of us get overexcited when it comes to making something clean. This causes us to spray excessive amounts of detergent on the surface, thinking it would help us clean faster or better. In reality, such rash decisions often make our work double. Especially in the case of windows, spraying too much detergent can make the window surface sticky and prone to smudges. If you do that, the recommended action is to spray the surface with plain water and wipe away until you get a clear window again.

Forgetting to change the water in the bucket

This is a very common mistake when cleaning floors, and many people do the same when cleaning windows too. Once you rinse the tool several times, you’ll notice that the water will get muddy. This is when it’s a good idea to change the water in the bucket, to ensure that mud won’t get back onto the window surface.


Your windows are arguably the most prominent part of your home. They are the last things you see when you leave and the first thing you see when you return from work. That is why it is crucial to keep them clean and sparkling. However, cleaning windows is a lot of work! It’s hard on your body, and it’s tedious. However, having clean windows gives a feeling of accomplishment that something has been done. That feeling gives you the motivation to keep going and finish the job. Just avoid the above-mentioned window cleaning mistakes, and you’ll be able to do a great job!

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