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9 Advantages of Using Synthetic Motor Oils

Posted on the 11 March 2019 by Tom Jamieson @tomjamieson_

9 Advantages of Using Synthetic Motor Oils

If you're interested in extending the life of your vehicle, you probably adhere to the recommended guideline of changing your oil every 3,000 miles or twice per year. When you begin this regimen, a common issue is to consider whether it's worth it to use synthetic oil rather than traditional oil. There are many advantages to synthetic oil, which is why it has a higher price tag. Here are nine reasons you might want to upgrade to synthetic oil.

1. Synthetic oil performs better

According to a AAA study, synthetic oil performed about 50% better than traditional oil in an independent evaluation. This provided much better engine protection for only about $5 more per month in maintenance cost.

2. Cost is not much higher

Synthetic oil does come at a premium price, but for the extra life you add to your vehicle, the price difference is not really significant. On average, your extra expenditure with synthetic oil only comes out to about $64 per year. When the technician tries to upsell you on synthetic at the oil-change facility, it actually pays to heed his advice.

3. Chemically-engineered substance

The molecules of synthetic oil are more uniform in shape and size because there is a more thorough engineering process involved in the manufacturing. This leads to fewer impurities and higher-quality additives that clean and protect the engine parts.

4. Better tolerance for temperatures

Synthetic oil performs better in extremes of temperature. The car will start better in freezing cold, and it will have less likelihood of overheating in hot weather.

5. Fuel economy

Synthetic oil helps the engine run more efficiently, so it takes less gas to power the car. That translates to better fuel economy and savings at the gas pump.

6. Better engine performance

Synthetic oil reduces engine drag, which means the horsepower output will actually be higher.

7. Fewer oil changes

Synthetic oil is more durable and resists breakdown more than conventional oil. This means it will last longer and not require as many trips to the dealer for oil changes.

8. Protects the engine

Your car's engine will last longer and run better with synthetic oil.

9. Some vehicles require synthetic

For some makes and models, the manufacturer specifies that only a proprietary synthetic oil be used to protect the engine. This is because some engines run at higher average temperature and RPMs than other similar vehicles. You could forego the recommended oil, but it could lead to catastrophic damage to the engine.

The next time you're at the repair garage and you see the mechanic reaching for some cheap, generic motor oil, tell him to put it down. No matter what type of vehicle you have, you will save money and increase the performance and life of your car with synthetic oil. It might mean you have to squeeze a few more nickels out of your pocket, but it's well worth it.

9 Advantages of Using Synthetic Motor Oils

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