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8th Anniversary of Eye Prefer Paris Quiz

By Eyepreferparis88 @eyepreferparis


I can’t believe another year has whizzed by and that today is the 8th anniversary of Eye Prefer Paris. It seems not so long ago I put up my first post:
This blog is about how a native New Yorker dreamed of moving to Paris …… and what he discovered once he got there. Come live this Paris dream vicariously through the eyes (and ears) of Richard Nahem. He writes his blog from his 18th century apartment overlooking tree-lined Place St. Paul in the fashionable Marais district of Paris.
Eight years later I am following what I set out to do: I’m still discovering what’s here and writing my blog this moment in the same 18th century apartment overlooking tree-lined Place St. Paul in the fashionable Marais district of Paris.
I have enjoyed sharing my adventures with you four times weekly along with your warm responses and kind words. One of things my favorite things about Eye Prefer Paris is the rich online and personal friendships I have made over the years, which I cherish.
So to celebrate another milestone, I have a fun new quiz and some great prizes for the winners.
There are eight questions spanning eight years of my blog and to help you just a little bit, I put the year the story was posted after each question. Subscribers, an easy way to access my postings is to go directly to the blog From there, look on the right sidebar under archives, and you will find archives from every month since July 2006. Another shortcut is to go to the categories list and access postings from there. For example, for a question about a Parisian of the Month, click on Parisian of the Month and all of them will come up. You can email the answers to [email protected] and the deadline is Wednesday, July 2, 3PM Eastern Standard Time . Contest winners will be announced next Thursday, July 3, 2014 along with correct answers.  Please note contest is only available to residents the U.S. and Canada.
What country did I visit for two weeks and fell in love with? (2013)
1.    Israel
2.    South Africa
3.    Belgium
4.    Syria
What gallery did Vincent have his exhibition in, where his mother came to visit? (2013)
1.    Perrotin
2.    Thaddeus Ropac
3.    NEC
4.    Peanut Gallery
What sporting event did I watch with my friends? (2006)
1.    Wimbledon
2.    World Cup
3.    Olympics
4.    Potato sack races
Which Parisian of the Month danced with Gene Kelly? (2011)
1.    Catherine Deneuve
2.    Leslie Caron
3.    Kim Kardashian
4.    Louise Brody   
What is the name of the documentary about the pastry competition and The Meilleurs Ouvriers de France? (2011)
1.    Kings of Pastry
2.    Pie in the Sky
3.    Chef
4.    Ratatouille
What’s the name of the holiday cake I write about every January?
1.    cronut
2.    Paris Brest
3.    Chocolate fondant
4.    La Galette de Rois
What fashion designer decorated the rooms at the Hotel Bellchasse? (2007)
1.    Yve St. Laurent
2.    Sonia Rykiel
3.    Christian LaCroix
4.    Puff Daddy

What famous French actress had a series of windows at Le Bon Marché? (2012)
1.    Jeanne Moreau
2.    Catherine Deneuve
3.    Marion Cotillard
4.    Shelley Winters
Best of luck and below is a list of prizes.
First Prize- A Hand Painted Rive Gauche or Rive Droite Tote Bag by Kasia Dietz/


Second Prize- A copy of The Food Lovers Guide to Paris by Patricia Wells


Third Prize- A copy of Hungry for France by Alexander Lobrano



New! Eye Prefer Paris Cooking Classes
I am happy to announce the launch of Eye Prefer Paris Cooking Classes. Come take an ethnic culinary journey with me and chef and caterer Charlotte Puckette, co-author of the bestseller The Ethnic Paris Cookbook (with Olivia Kiang-Snaije). First we will shop at a Paris green-market for the freshest ingredients and then return to Charlotte's professional kitchen near the Eiffel Tower to cook a three-course lunch. After, we will indulge in the delicious feast we prepared along with hand-selected wines.
Cost: 185 euros per person (about $240)
Time: 9:30AM- 2PM (approximately 4 1/2 hours)
Location: We will meet by a metro station close to the market
Class days: Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday,Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Minimum of 2 students, maximum 6 students.
Click here to sign up for the next class or for more info.


I am pleased as punch to announce the launch of Eye Prefer Paris Tours, which are 3-hour walking tours I will personally be leading. The Eye Prefer Paris Tour includes many of the places I have written about such as small museums & galleries, restaurants, cafes & food markets, secret addresses, fashion & home boutiques, parks, and much more.

Tours cost 210 euros for up to 3 people, and 70 euros for each additional person. I look forward to meeting you on my tours and it will be my pleasure and delight to show you my insiders Paris.
Check it out at 

Click here to watch a video of our famous Marais tour 

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