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85th Anniversary For This Austrian Gem

By Linda
85th Anniversary For This Austrian Gem

photo : Mark Somma

Built in 1926, Semmering Golf course is Austria’s oldest green for the game. 2012 marks the course’s 85th anniverary!

Semmering Golf Course

Situated against the backdrop of the towering Rax and Schneeburg mountains, Semmering Golf course provides a unique location and experience for all levels of ability. A putting green, chipping green and driving range make this an ideal ‘play’ ground for amateurs and professionals alike. As might be expected, it’s a hilly terrain with plenty of water hazards.

It’s a 9 hole, easy-moderate public course of 1826 metres. Guests are actively welcomed. Restaurant, bar and Clubhouse facilities complete the Fairway, which is over 1000 metres above sea level.

To play on this course, golfers need a valid handicap certificate from their home club. Monday to Friday the handicap limit is 54 and 36 at weekends and holidays (see F.A.Q. for a list of public holidays in Austria).

But a visit to Semmering Golf course isn’t just for club wielding Luke Donald ‘wannabes’ (or Seves, Gregs and Nicks!). There’s a playground for budding ‘Tigers’ who want to put down their ‘Woods’ for a while, too!

Not to mention that the under 18′s get a 50% discount on green fees. This is surely an exemplar of the green heart of Austria.

Green Corundum -Sapphires

2012 is the 85th anniversary of Semmering Golf course – a true celebration of the marriage between man and mountain – and Sapphires are the gems given to mark 85 years of wedlock.

These corundum (mineral) are resistant to erosion and demonstrate remarkable durability. And whilst most commonly thought of as being blue in colour, they may also be green. It’s not difficult to see, then, how Semmering has become the gem of Austrian golfing. It is a most enchanting and romantic green of undisputed longevity, which by necessity has to be hard-wearing to withstand the harshness of the climate in winter and still make the green lovers heart flutter in summer.

Around and About

And for other family members who might not be so enthralled by sticks of iron and dimpled balls of rubber, there’s plenty to do in the neighbourhood. Semmering railway is a world class wonder officially recognised by its UNESCO World Heritage status and a trip up the Schneeburg mountain on the ancient Schneeburgbahn narrow gauge line is a delight not to be missed.

If you fancy giving this gem a go, get in touch now to arrange your stay in the super Styrian Federal State that is home to so many holiday attractions.

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